Ann Arbor Huron vs. Allen Park

Boys Adjustment: -8
Girls Adjustment: -6

Runner of the Meet

Lisa Luecke, Allen Park. Lisa has always been good for the Jaguars, but she’s taken it to another level this year. She may be Allen Park’s best chance for an All-Stater since Makayla Perez was ruling Champaign St.

(I’m trying to get as many hometown references as possible)


12Isaiah JacobsAllen Park190.4
12Donovan SmithAnn Arbor Huron183.0
12Peter StengerAnn Arbor Huron181.2
12Michael Hill-Carru…Ann Arbor Huron179.3
10Adam BigelowAnn Arbor Huron177.8
12Troy SchnellAllen Park177.0
9Lucas WeintraubAnn Arbor Huron170.1
9Caleb WynnAllen Park169.3
12Roman QuesadaAnn Arbor Huron166.5
12Evan RidenourAnn Arbor Huron158.5
12Calvin ShawAnn Arbor Huron158.5
11Matthew DowlingAnn Arbor Huron149.5
12Koen Van NieuwstadtAnn Arbor Huron148.8
12Lucas ReadingAnn Arbor Huron147.5
12Jerry KephartAllen Park141.4
12Daniel RecklingAllen Park136.6
10Drake SteeleAllen Park133.3
10Kirilo PereklitaAnn Arbor Huron132.4
12Jonah GagginAllen Park130.6
11Lev NakamuraAnn Arbor Huron130.5
9Henry BeardAnn Arbor Huron127.6
12Dylan HollyAllen Park125.9
10Aidan BehmerAnn Arbor Huron125.2
11Robert HallAnn Arbor Huron123.3
10Zack HildebrandtAnn Arbor Huron119.7
9Matthew MizziAllen Park118.4
9Nathan LeungAnn Arbor Huron117.8
11Jordan EmbryAnn Arbor Huron112.0
10Will HarrisAnn Arbor Huron107.1
9Caleb DeLaGarzaAllen Park106.3
9Luke O’DonnellAllen Park100.0
10Nicolas SalasAllen Park99.9
9Victor HeskiaAnn Arbor Huron94.3
10Jesse Zikmund-FisherAnn Arbor Huron92.2
10Gilberto ChapaAllen Park86.9
9Ryan JulianAllen Park85.5
11Brandon LinAnn Arbor Huron82.3
9Liam RidenourAnn Arbor Huron71.5
9Varun YalavarthiAnn Arbor Huron67.4
11Matthew WellsAnn Arbor Huron61.8
9Garrett KovacsAnn Arbor Huron53.8
9Joaquin MooreAnn Arbor Huron50.5
11Louie BenardAnn Arbor Huron28.2


11Lisa LueckeAllen Park145.0
12Sam HastieAnn Arbor Huron132.0
12Mackenzie LadaAllen Park97.4
10Rachel OvergaardAnn Arbor Huron87.3
10Mia SolomonAnn Arbor Huron84.3
9Sonya ShelgikarAnn Arbor Huron81.3
11Mari ParkAnn Arbor Huron40.8
11Abby RaftisAllen Park30.7
9Abbie SawickiAllen Park30.1
9Amelia WuAnn Arbor Huron29.4
12Nikki HartleyAllen Park24.4
10Luci GranataAllen Park20.1
12Kristina DolgachevaAnn Arbor Huron2.6