Weekend Previews

Championship Projections: Northern Michigan Championship

This and Class D are two great ideas for a meet. If you’re a Northern Michigan team, with such long travel times, you’re at a disadvantage for MIS. And, in my opinion, Up North is really it’s own distinct area of the Lower Peninsula, much moreso than any other region.


Michaywe Pines Golf Course, according to the meet info doc, “NO hills, hard packed ground, few turns, and FAST times”.
As with Class D, historically there’s been no correction with this course. Given the weather, I expect the above quote to be true.

Last Year

Girls Team Champion: Traverse City West
Girls Individual Champion: Klaudia O’Malley
Boys Team Champion: Alpena
Boys Individual Champion: Josh Smith


Team trophies to Overall Champions, Division 1/2 Champions, Division 3/4 Champions
Individual medals to the Top 50 finishers

Girls Projections

1Traverse City Central48
3Traverse City West144
4Traverse City St. Francis144
9Pontiac Notre Dame Prep240
12Ogemaw Heights376
14Big Rapids393
15East Jordan397
16Boyne City422
18Maple City Glen Lake433
20Grand Traverse Academy532
21Standish Sterling635
22Indian River Inland Lakes678
23Lake Leelanau St. Mary690
24Rogers City696

Now I’m not certain how they’ll separate divisions, but if it’s to MHSAA standards, it would be Traverse City Central and Traverse City St. Francis.

Overall PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1110Allison ChmielewskiRoscommon168.0
2210Julia FlynnTraverse City Central161.0
3312Jennifer OhlssonPontiac Notre Dame Prep144.9
4411Avery McLeanTraverse City Central144.1
559Sophia RheinTraverse City St. Francis142.8
6610Kendall SchopierayCadillac140.7
7712Leah SocksTraverse City Central140.3
8812Libby GormanTraverse City St. Francis137.6
9910Elliott SmithTraverse City West133.3
101010Chloe JonesOgemaw Heights132.3
111110Makenna ScottMaple City Glen Lake131.7
121211Chloie MustaCadillac127.8
131310Lauren WooerKingsley122.1
141411Madylin McLeanTraverse City Central120.8
151512Hanna BrockBig Rapids120.2
161612Kameron HaagClare118.5
171711Gwen PhillipsCadillac118.0
181812Susie HuckleCadillac117.4
191911Alayna OstlingRoscommon117.3
202010Madi SzymanskiAlpena117.2
21219Kathleen VenhuizenTraverse City Central116.3
222212Emma WachlerCharlevoix116.0
232311Hannah SmithTraverse City West115.0
242411Maggie O’MalleyMcBain114.6
252511Annie BergmannCharlevoix113.2
262610Kate LangworthyBig Rapids112.4
272711Megan BushCharlevoix111.8
28289Eleanor CoolCadillac110.4
292912Carson KrecowTraverse City West109.9
303011Riley SchroederClare109.9
313110Reese EnsingMcBain109.8
323212Brianna EisengaMcBain108.8
33339Anna NielsonTraverse City St. Francis108.7
343412Gabrielle MetzgerCadillac104.7
35359Makayla SharrowCharlevoix104.4
36369Regan HillMcBain103.1
37379Mikayla SharrowCharlevoix101.9
383812Riley SmithCharlevoix101.5
393911Katherine HauptClare101.3
404010Victoria ChekhovskiyTraverse City West101.0
414112Molly KitsonEast Jordan96.6
424211Ellen GerhardTraverse City Central95.8
434312Sari SchleiferTraverse City West95.8
444410Hattie VeenkantClare95.1
454510Elise BookGaylord93.2
464612Madelyn DillerEast Jordan92.1
474712Olivia RichardsTraverse City Central91.8
484811Abby ChittleTraverse City St. Francis91.6
494911Alexandria FraserPontiac Notre Dame Prep89.5
505010Josie GormanTraverse City St. Francis89.2

Boys Projections

1Traverse City Central33
3Traverse City St. Francis94
4Traverse City West146
5East Jordan199
6Big Rapids246
7Petoskey St. Michael264
15Pontiac Notre Dame Prep386
16Bear Lake-Onekama467
17Ogemaw Heights471
18Boyne City511
19Maple City Glen Lake524
22Grand Traverse Academy547
24Indian River Inland Lakes704
25Standish Sterling819

Now I’m not certain how they’ll separate divisions, but if it’s to MHSAA standards, it would be Traverse City Central and Charlevoix.

Overall PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1112Zachary GerberTraverse City Central196.1
2211Carlos GaschoJohannesburg-Lewiston194.8
3311Drew SeabaseTraverse City Central194.2
4410Thomas RichardsTraverse City St. Francis191.5
5512Cole TruszkowskiTraverse City Central189.0
6610Evan SolomonCharlevoix187.5
7710Luke VenhuizenTraverse City Central187.5
8811Connor MurphyMcBain184.2
9912Jared AndersenCadillac182.1
101011Kade DalsonGaylord181.2
111110Brenden EndresTraverse City St. Francis180.5
121211Xander CivinskasRoscommon180.4
131311Evan BeaneCharlevoix178.5
141410Sam PetersonCharlevoix177.1
151512Ryan DurandTraverse City West176.9
161612Ethan NachazelEast Jordan175.9
17179Joe MuhaTraverse City Central175.5
181812Ben LentzCharlevoix174.9
191912Josiah FrazierTraverse City West174.6
202012Kaleb SchroederClare173.4
212111Tyler McclureMancelona172.5
222212Kaden TorresBig Rapids172.1
232312Jake LathropKingsley171.6
242412Jacob AndrewsTraverse City St. Francis170.6
252512Adam PagaPetoskey St. Michael170.2
26269Josh KerrTraverse City St. Francis168.1
272712Aaron NachazelEast Jordan168.1
282812Blaise SnabesCharlevoix167.8
292911Zealand TarrantTraverse City St. Francis167.7
303011Matt RitterTraverse City Central167.6
313111Eli SeitzingerPontiac Notre Dame Prep167.5
323212Ben HardyEast Jordan166.8
333312Justin AndersenCadillac165.9
343410Isaac StoneTraverse City West165.4
353510Jacob KochanskiAlpena165.3
363610Samuel PagaPetoskey St. Michael165.2
373711Carter ThelenTraverse City St. Francis165.1
383810Carter DeanTraverse City West162.8
393911Ethan PutmanCharlevoix162.5
40409Jonah HochstetlerTraverse City West161.7
414111Jacob PetroeljeTraverse City West161.3
424210Ryan OsoskiBig Rapids160.0
434312Joe DelgadoTraverse City Central159.6
444411Hunter BentleyBear Lake-Onekama159.4
454510Austin BrownTraverse City West158.0
46469Macartan MoorePetoskey St. Michael157.8
474711Hammond LawPetoskey St. Michael157.5
484811Kadin EastwayMcBain157.0
494911Maurice JanisseRoscommon156.7
505010Josh FairbanksRoscommon156.5

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