2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#34)

The List

34. Luke Venhuizen, Traverse City Central

  • Luke is probably the first name that I didn’t recognize, but he quietly set some marks in late fall
  • Real surge started at Northern Michigan, setting a 30 second PR on a fair course in Gaylord
  • Continued that to a 35th place finish at MIS, when the ratings projected him well outside the top 50
  • Writing on the wall for a solid XC season was shown by his freshman year in track, where he ran 10:18 for 3200m

34. Allison Chmielewski

  • Allison is a girl that has all the pieces to contend in Division 3
  • In the races she’s run, she’s been dominant in the Northern Michigan scene, winning over 80% of her races in her first two years
  • Was able to improve her already impressive PR
  • After not being able to compete in 2018’s State Meet, redeemed herself with a 3rd place finish

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