2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#28)

The List

28. Charlie Frank, Dearborn

  • Charlie (along with the recently graduated Muaad Abdulaziz) were the two main powers in ending Dearborn’s 19-year State Meet hiatus
  • From his freshman to sophomore year, averaged nearly a minute improvement, and still dropped time this past fall
  • Has narrowly missed All-State the past two years, but in a great shot to nab that this time around
  • Top 10 in Wayne County the past two seasons, Top 15 at KLAA as well

28. Aiden Harrand, Buckley

  • Another freshman with seemingly unlimited potential
  • Has run 5:14 on the track as a 7th grader
  • Narrowly defeated at Portage by the aforementioned Alyson Enns
  • Dominated her other races, winning by close to a minute (or more) in many of them

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