2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#26)

The List

26. Jeremy Williams, Lapeer

Jeremy has been deeply committed to running ever since 8th grade where he decided that we wanted to live up to his potential and be the best runner he could be. Ever since then he has educated himself on everything he needs to know about running in order to orient himself toward his goals, and he shares this information with all of his teammates, myself included. He is constantly talking about and viewing races, he’s truly devoted.

Michael Williams, Lapeer (twin brother)
  • After a solid freshman campaign in XC, showed major progress that next spring in track, running marks of 4:44/9:59
  • Continued that progression to cross, nabbing victories at Mariner, Mike Jackson, Marauder, and County Press
  • Struggled a bit late, but still managed to match his PR (16:13) at Regionals
  • Reminds me of a young Steve Magness, writing his own training, learning as much as he can about the sport

26. Abbie Haupt, Livonia Churchill

Abbie is the type of athlete any coach dreams to work with. Last year as a junior in XC, she finally broke out of her shell and earned All-State honors, something I knew that was coming all along. She has now turned a page in her training and works at an extremely high level to be the best runner and teammate she can be! I cannot wait to watch her shake things up during her senior year at the front of each race. She has a great future ahead of her!

Coach Kroll
  • Abbie is another one who has steadily improved, each year knocking off another mark (sophomore, sub-20; junior, sub-19)
  • Her breakthrough race this past season came at Wayne County, where she PRed by over 0:40 and notched her first Top 10 finish there
  • That spurred further progress, including running 27 seconds faster on that same course and narrowly sprinting to an All-State spot
  • Has a very good chance of being the first Churchill girl to break 18:00 in a long while…

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