2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#24)

The List

24. Joseph Fedoronko, Saline

  • Joe is another example of the emphasis on year to year progress
  • He was above 18:00 as a freshman, ran into the 17’s as a sophomore, and then had his breakout in 2019
  • Saline has always been transparent with the work their athletes are putting in, and if you dig back into last summer, Joe had plenty of time on his feet
  • Which resulted in opening with his first foray into the 16’s
  • That continued into October, with multiple sub-16:10’s
  • And if you take a glance at the summer work ethic, he is once again hitting the roads with major volume

24. Londyn Swenson, Plymouth

  • Funny how we see so many duos in this list, but Londyn and another Plymouth girl are another two that will be at the front of many races this season
  • Jumping off an already impressive freshman year, she’s racked up a few accomplishments the past two years
    • Twice top-3 in Wayne County
    • Twice All-Region
    • Twice top-5 in the KLAA
    • All-State this past year
  • That All-State was an especially great performance, other Plymouth runners may have struggled, but she matched her regional time in much, much tougher conditions
  • Plymouth will be a great team this fall and having Londyn as one of the better #2 runners in the state is a major help

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