2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#16)

The List

16. Talha Syed, Salem

Over the past year and a half, Talha has worked incredibly hard to go from a really good runner to a Salem legend. The way he’s been able to handle the mental and physical strains of training at the intensity he trains at is one of the greatest things I’ve seen as a member of the Salem XC and Track teams. He’s incredibly well-read on what he needs to do, when he needs to do it, and how he needs to do it, and he’ll go out and execute perfectly, because that’s the standard that he has set for himself. He never misses practice, never misses a run, and is always there to talk about anything, which is what you want your #1 guy to be.

Gavin Ray, Salem
  • With an average of 30 seconds being dropped each year, Talha has shown an appetite for improvement (he’s a fixture at the top of the MIXCSR Strava leaderboard)
  • His 2019 season began with a bang, with his first victory in a major invitational
  • He repeated that feat in Chelsea, then ran multiple sub-16 efforts the rest of the way
  • Indoor showed more progress, where he was able to go 9:21 in the 3200m (in the middle of a 65-mile week), one can see the potential for a faster time if we had an outdoor campaign
  • Along with the previously mentioned Gary Gardella and Gavin Ray, will be instrumental in Salem’s bid for a State Title

16. Meghan Ford, Mason

  • Meghan may have run slightly slower at Portage than a few of the incoming freshmen listed prior, but with multiple sub-12 performances, she’s shown she belongs
  • As I linked to with Alyson Enns, that Portage time still shows her level, on par with a young Amber Gall, Jessi Larson, and a few girls to be mentioned later.
  • During this track season, she was able to run 5:20/10:58.  I have no doubt that 1600m could be quicker, but the 3200 is the key, indicates great strength that will be essential this fall

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