2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#12)

The List

12. Gavin White, Pinckney

  • This site aims to analyze XC beyond times, but I can’t help to marvel at Gavin’s times throughout the year in these major races
  • Consistently between 15:40 and 16:20, a very high standard, ranging across a variety of courses
  • Particularly impressed by that Holly performance, finishing top-10 in a loaded field (Dexter, Brighton, Clarkston, Hartland, Holt, WL Central, Milford, Catholic Central)
  • Gavin and Caleb Jarema will provide low scoring, no matter the order, at the front of Division 2 races
  • He’s also an example of consistent improvement between years, dropping 0:30 either in his PR or his average rating, can’t help but think that trend will continue

12. Rylee Tolson, Stockbridge

Middle, waiting to strike. MLive
  • Rylee is a girl I’d characterize as a winner, and her results back that up
  • Other than a 3rd place finish at Greater Lansing (and still an impressive performance), she won all her major races last year
  • Very rarely at the HS level does one see tactical racing, but Rylee’s State title in 2019 was a great example of this
    • She hung with a pack of 5 through 2 miles, then blasted the last mile en route to an 8 second victory
  • She was on a path to improvement on the track as well, having run 10:38 indoors, a drop from her 10:48 last spring
  • Division 3 gets a bit tougher this year, but given her competitiveness, I see Rylee closing that gap more than one would expect

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