2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#10)

The List

10. Conor Somers, Fremont

Right, MLive
  • Conor may be the highest ranked returner that was unable to win a race
  • That’s part of the effect of running on a team like Fremont (who will have another runner previewed)
  • Conor’s freshmen year was unheralded compared to Baracco, Sumner, but he still ran a blazing 16:10 at Regional (Michaywe Pines)
  • This past season, he inched his way up to those aforementioned studs with multiple sub-16/200+ efforts
  • He ran the massive PR’s (Benzie Regional, Portage), but also the clutch, tough performances that seal a State Title
  • Fremont’s depth and quality should give much leeway, but consistent performers like Somers are the key to recapturing that glory

10. Elizabeth Babcock, Novi

  • Elizabeth is likely the epitome of this preview’s emphasis on year to year improvement
  • As a sophomore, her first year in the sport, she ran fairly decent, breaking 20:00 multiple times, but didn’t qualify for MIS
  • As a junior, she started her season in the 19’s, nearly broke 18:00, and finished 7th in Division 1
  • I’m not sure what sparked that massive improvement, but I’m betting it wasn’t pure luck
  • One thing for certain, we couldn’t predict this coming, Elizabeth spent the 2019 track season honing her long jump skills – 3rd in Oakland County.  What a talent!

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