2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#9)

The List

9. Clara James-Heer, Forest Hills Central

  • Clara enters the 2020 season rated as the #1 freshman girl
  • A few major factors in that
    • Margin of victory – more than a minute in a competitive Allendale Falcon
    • Nearly a record-breaking Portage performance, 4 seconds off Arianne Olson’s time from 2018, and we know she had a spectacular freshman campaign
    • Victories over stellar competition: Enns, Ford, Harrand
  • She proved her mettle on the track this winter as well, running 4:57 and 10:25
  • We will wait to see how she performs over the additional 1.1 miles, but her times indicate someone capable of competing at the top level

9. Preston Navarre, Grosse Pointe North

  • Preston came into his own late in the 2018 season, vaulting past a group of talented Grosse Pointe North seniors
  • He expanded on that this past season, extending his victories out into his region and the MAC Division, besting tough competition from Romeo
  • He’s been All-State twice, All-Region twice (champion last year), and top-5 in Wayne County this past year
  • Has shown some serious mid-distance ability, running 4:23 as a sophomore
  • Will be instrumental as a leader in continuing North’s reign over Grosse Pointe South

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