2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#7)

The List

7. Emma Squires, Petoskey

  • Emma has an already had a standout career in XC, but then she had to shock the world by running 10:42 this winter
  • Times like that shouldn’t surprise anyone, after all, she’s improved through every season, spring or fall
  • The Petoskey girls began to make a name for themselves in late 2018 and haven’t looked back– Squires is the leading force in this
    • Her 18:15 at 2018’s Northern Michigan was the breakthrough; she has been at that level since
  • Accomplishments include: Regional Champ (2018), 3rd at Portage (2019), and Twice Top-10 in Division 2

7. Jack Kelke, Romeo

  • The torch has been passed – from Brenden Allen to Jack Wilson, now to Jack Kelke
  • Kelke has some great bloodlines, I believe his father ran for Macomb CC
  • He showed the talent from those genetics as a freshman, breaking 17:00 in late October
  • But his inclusion high up on this list is because of his development into 2019, the equivalent of more than a minute drop across the board
  • He went from 36th to 3rd at Regionals, 22nd to 3rd at MAC Division, and 172nd to 33rd at State Finals
  • Romeo’s team success will depend on Fringer, Sharnas, and Wallace, but having leaders such as Jack doesn’t hurt either

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