Girls Returners: 30-21


Madison Ebright had a spectacular freshman year, breaking 19 minutes and continued that into her sophomore year.  She mostly ran conference meets, but in state competition, ran her most impressive times.  In track, she ran 11:01 early, but no results into May.  Hopefully she’s healthy, as that time is an indicator of potentially fast performances.


Seems like there’s been Ohlssons and Frasers at NDP for hundreds of years.  Jennifer Ohlsson is just another example.  Her best race was at Northern Michigan, hanging right with some girls I have ranked higher.  As with many, she PRed in the 800-3200, the 5:10 standing out the most.


Ellie Kendell pulled off quite the double at Division 4 Track Finals, winning in both the 16 and 32.  Neither were PRs, but both very close.  She’s another one that comes from a running background.  Her XC campaign was a major improvement from 2017, in most races, dropping more than a minute.


Mia Patria was a steady influence on Clarkston’s title run.  While others may have had more impressive credentials, she came up huge in November with a 160 rating, beating many that beat her earlier in the season.  Track season was cut short but I’m sure she’ll use that as motivation.


Rylee Tolson showed great improvement in her track season.  Hard to tell which is the most jaw-dropping time, but her 10:48 is the largest predictor of XC success.  That time (a 25 second PR on the big stage… doubling at that) was good for 3rd at States and her 1600 netted her 5th.


East Grand Rapids just reloads.  There’s got to be some good coaching going on over there.  Ainsley Workman is one in a long list coming in and producing.  Consistent improvement throughout the season, her 145 ratings at both Regional and State helped EGR secure a state title.  Concentrated on the 1600 in track, that 5:02 was good for 5th at States.  Would imagine if she ran the 3200 later in the season, she’d be in the 10s.


Another EGR runner contributing in her first season of XC was Anna Petr.  Undoubtedly spurred by XC competition and training, she dropped nearly a minute from her 3200 marks.  I probably have her underrated, not a knock on those ahead of her, she’s obviously young in her running career.


Gillian Fiene’s 2018 track season was exceptional, a potential omen for XC.  The 4:57 won at Division 2 States, she also came back and placed 4th in the 800.  Her and Kuipers make a formidable duo at the top of any race.


Andrea Ruiz spent a great amount of time in the 18s last year.  While her track times may not stack up (still dropped time in the 3200) with others, that consistency places her here.  Most impressive performances were at an always tough Hess Hathaway regional and probably the most solid invitational every year, Jackson.


Lani Bloom ran a lot of races as a freshman, many of them very good.  Early in track season, she commented that she had to learn to race, it looks like that happened, receiving that All-State honor in the 1600.  That 5:10 was an 8 sec. PR from earlier in the season.  Scary thing is Ithaca knows how to develop runners (see Allen, Ransom), so she should be in contention for that Division 3 crown.





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