Girls Returners: 20-11


Lauren Kiley was one of the top freshman in the state last season.  Walked away with the Wayne County championship, nearly won her region, but still went sub-18 in the process.  Carried over to track where she showed herself to be a little more of a miler, running 5:03.


Kendall Schopieray showed some dramatic improvements over the course of two months.  She really started to hit her stride around the time of Northern Michigan Champs, placing 5th there.  That continued onto States, where she knocked out another top-5 finish.  She may be more of a 400/800 track girl, but showed solid times across the board.


Taryn Chapko’s hit list included many invitationals, Corunna and Apples to Apples most notably.  Also placed high in the MHSAA events, outperforming her season average in both.  Really shines on the track, her 800 times are elite, and she was undefeated in that event this spring.


Yasmine Mansi was able to break 18 for the second consecutive season and was at the forefront of many of Northville’s races.  In track, she was able to go sub-5 for the first time, at State Finals no less.  That time was good for a 6th place finish.


Maryam Sheena had quite the track season, PRing at all three distance events.  The biggest jump came in the 3200, where she crushed the 11 minute barrier in a 10:52 at Regionals.  She had a similar peak in XC, where she was able to tie her best rating of the season in a 19th place performance at States.


Sarah Forsyth had a very consistent freshman campaign, with 8 ratings of over 150.  Her best rating and best time came at Jackson, where she beat a certain girl ranked in the top 5.  She’s another one that has shown exceptional 800 quality, where she ran 2:15 on a relay.


Look, a freshman!  Arianne Olson’s track record at the middle school level speaks for itself.  You would have to go back to October 2016 to find a race she didn’t finish 1st on the XC course. That dominance continued to the track, where she only lost once all year, and broke 11 for the second consecutive year.


Emma Squires led a Petoskey team to a top 3 finish last year, they should be up there again this year.  Her best performances came at Northern Michigan (PR) and Regionals (1st place).  In track, she nabbed All-State honors in the 16/32, while also PRing in the 800.


Allison Chmielewski had about as impressive a start to her XC season as you’ll see.  Unfortunately it was cut short, but that doesn’t diminish her accomplishments.  It looks like she recaptured that form in track, where she finished 4th in both the 16/32 at States.


I like examples of kids who come up big in big meets.  Julia Flynn did just that in her first time at MIS.  Her 16 second PR there netted her a Top 10 finish.  She showed great ability in the 1600 as well with a 4:56 and 8th place finish at States.


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