Boys & Girls Returners: The Top 5

Decided to combine the two into one post to finish off the week.  Regional assignments are out and I’m doing some dirty work on how to rate courses/meets next year.  I’ll also have a “best of the rest” list that I’ll post this weekend.  Anyhow, enjoy!

5. Nathan Walker, Fremont


  • Arguably the best freshman in the state in 2017, followed that up by dropping his PR by 13 seconds this year
  • Second straight year as an All-Stater, finishing in the top 5 this time
  • PRs in all distance events in track, dropping 10+ seconds in each event
  • 4th in D2 3200

5. Madelyn Frens, Grand Rapids Christian


  • Picked up many firsts last year, most notably at Cougar Falcon and the Allendale regional
  • Did not break 18, but very consistent, most performances above a 150 speed rating
  • Runner-up in D2 3200, Regional champ in that event too

4. Zacahry Stewart, Brighton


  • 3rd straight year All-State
  • Lowered PR from 15:40 to 15:08
  • Another consistent runner, with performances all between 209-215
  • Footlocker finalist, finishing 17th nationally
  • PRs in all events from 400-3200

4. Audrey DaDamio, Birmingham Seaholm


  • Lowered PR by nearly a minute, from 19:00 to 18:06
  • Two exceptional races, 160+ ratings at Jackson and States
  • Showed great range in track, from 2:16 to 10:32
  • Medalled at both the 1600 and 3200 at the State Finals, Regional champ in both as well

3. Brendan Favazza, Clarkston


  • Lowered PR from 15:41 to 15:16
  • Had one of the better performances of the season with his 218 at Oakland County on a stormy morning
  • All-State for the second straight year
  • Footlocker finalist, finishing 27th nationally
  • PRs in everything 800-3200
  • Finished 7th in the D1 3200

3. Zofia Dudek, Ann Arbor Pioneer


  • Started her season in October, still ended up top 3 at States and Regional champ
  • Ended up lowering PR from 18:13 to 17:54
  • PRs in everything from 400-3200.
  • 2nd in State finals in 1600/3200
  • 5th New Balance Indoors in the mile
  • Her 4:45 1600 ranks 10th nationally and 8th among all returners

2. Evan Bishop, East Grand Rapids


  • Lowered PR from 16:03 to 15:25
  • Notable wins at Jackson and the Allendale Regional
  • Finished 2nd at D2 State Finals
  • Footlocker finalist, finishing 9th nationally
  • PRs in everything 400-5k
  • All-State in both the 1600 and 3200
  • Fastest returning 3200m runner in the state

2. Jaden Theis, Lansing Catholic


  • Only lost once last year in Michigan (to Ackley at Spartan)
  • Division 2 State champ
  • Lowered PR from 17:19 to 17:07
  • Footlocker finalist, finishing 6th nationally
  • All-State in both the 1600 and 3200

1. Carter Solomon, Plymouth


  • Lowered PR from 15:24 to 14:59
  • Broke the 15 minute barrier twice, at Gabriel Richard and the Willow Regional
  • 2nd at D1 State Finals
  • Footlocker finalist, finishing 4th nationally
  • PRs in 800-3200
  • 4th place finish in the D1 1600

1. Abby VanderKooi, Muskegon WMC


  • Came on the scene with a blazing 17:05 and then proceeded to break the 17 minute barrier 3 times
  • Undefeated in Michigan
  • D4 State Champ
  • Footlocker finalist, finishing 3rd nationally
  • D3 State Champ in 3200m
  • 10:04 ran indoors was 3rd best in the nation (if ran outdoors, it would be 5th)




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