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An Early Look: Region 34


(We’re less than 3 days out from GLR!  The girls’ race in this region is similar to the Graveyard, one of the easier parts pictured above)








The region from Hell.

4 teams in the top 7.  7 teams in the top 23.  At least 4 deserving teams will end their season on a fateful Saturday in Hudson.

Adrian Lenawee Christian, although only one spot ahead of Hillsdale Academy, is definitely the class of the field.  Last year, they sat behind the likes of Pittsford, Hillsdale, Hudson, now the addition of potentially 3 freshmen into their top 7 gives them back end depth.  Hillsdale Academy and Hudson are given the upper hand here because of the strength of their 4th/5th runners relative to the other ranked teams.  Pittsford may have a chance to put 4 in the top 20.  And poor Concord, Sand Creek, and Morenci.  In any other region, these girls would make it out.

Highest Rated

  • Skylar Thompson, Concord

Skylar moves over from Region 33, where she placed 2nd last year.  She really had some outstanding efforts last year.  19:17 at Stockbridge (a fast course, but nothing out of the ordinary), 6th at Portage on a less than optimal day.  She’s more of a distance girl, evidenced by her track times.  That 11:46 (good for 3rd at States) indicates the ability to run consistently in the low 19’s.

  • Trinity Kaufman, Morenci

Trinity came on the scene as a 9th grader and showed steady progression throughout the year.  Her breakout performance came at Lenawee County, where she finished 4th (6 spots ahead of her place at the Lenawee Preview) in 20:28.  She ran at that peak for the next month, where she ended up 3rd here and 34th at States.

  • Megan Roberts, Hillsdale Academy

Megan sure helped Hillsdale Academy as an 8th grader last year.  I marvel at the endurance base and genetics that must take at such a young age.  Also, the well-being of a program for parents to permit their middle schoolers to run high school distances.  Anyhow, Megan had some great finishes.  2nd here, 7th at Class D, and 27th at States.  In track, she seems to be more of a mid-distance girl, as she placed 3rd in the 400 at States.

Career achievement/improvement

  • Gabrielle McCumber, Pittsford

Improvements such as Gabrielle’s give hope for Pittsford in this team battle.  For the most part, she improved by a minute or more in her races from 2017 to 2018.  Perhaps the most impressive was again, Stockbridge, where we saw a drop of over 2 minutes.  She was 13th here last year, can that trajectory follow for her or another Pittsford runner?


  • Alexandria Ausmus, Petersburg-Summerfield

Alexandria has always flashed some mid-distance ability, but never to the extent that she did this spring.  She had a personal best of 5:26 in the 1600m, good for 9th at State Finals.




The boys’ side is a little more straight-forward and likely not as tough.  Still, 4 teams in the top 25.  Concord is the clear favorite, they’re coming off a 13th place finish last year.  Petersburg-Summerfield adds two real freshmen studs, and Jackson Prep is a mainstay.

Highest Rated

  • Jonathan Mikovits, Concord

Jonathan was easily one of the top 25 freshmen in the state last year.  He had two 18:00+ performance, coming in his first two weeks of the season.  From then on, he went on to run 16:34 at Stockbridge and then 24th place at States.

  • Brandon Thompson, Petersburg-Summerfield

Brandon went undefeated up until the big Mid Michigan MEGASTAR meet in track, where he ran 4:46, losing to the infamous Hunter Jones.  As always with incoming freshmen, the question is his ability to handle the distance and the long season.  He’s had multiple efforts around 11:00 or under, so the distance shouldn’t be a huge setback.

  • Daniel Casey, Jackson Preparatory

Daniel was 11th here last year and had a slew of great efforts throughout the season.  Notable examples include a 3rd place at Kuenner and 2nd at Pittsford.

Career achievement/improvement

  • Dillon Donihue, Hillsdale Academy

Dillon has gone from running over 20:00 at this regional as a freshman to going 18:01 last year and finishing 6th.  The next week at MIS, he was able to set a PR by running 17:48.  He showed some major improvements on the track as well, cutting 38 seconds from his 3200m best.


  • Kade Spahr, Pittsford

Kade spent much of his 8th grade track season handily winning races.  When faced with competition at the Sand Creek Invite, he stepped up, running 5:14/11:26.  Not on Thompson’s level, but should make an impact this season.

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