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An Early Look: Region 25

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Hey, I’m back.  Expect more of these in the coming days.




Last year, Clare placed 7 girls in the top 20 on their way to a regional championship over Shepherd.  This year, look for Shepherd to potentially do the same, largely in the same manner.  The battle between the two should be extremely close, Shepherd’s strength up front may be the deciding factor.  Reese is a team that would excel on the State level, but is hurt by the small size of a regional meet.  They have some strong 4th-7th runners, but their impact is minimized in this format.

Ranked Teams: Shepherd (4), Clare (7), Bad Axe (17), Reese (19)

Highest Rated

  • Ariel Warner, Shepherd

When you have a solid middle school program that promotes the sport, you occasionally find a gem.  Warner could possibly be a gem.  She showcased some speed this track season, running multiple 62-63s and 2018’s cross season was dotted with multiple sub-12 times.  Seems losing Amber Gall won’t be much of an issue!

  • Jelena Prescott, Bad Axe

Jelena has been All-State her past 2 years, her best finish being 13th in 2017.  They’ve moved her all around the state, once at Algonac, once at Delta College, once here.  And she’s managed to come through each time.  Apparently, she’s running triathlons this summer, as good of training you’ll find for the rigors of XC.

  • Madde Skeel, Shepherd

Madde has broken 20:00 in both of the past two years.  Her breakout performance last year came at this meet, where she ran 19:37 to finish 7th.  Track saw more PRs, where she was able to attain 5:32/12:07.

Career achievement/improvement:

  • Kameron Haag, Clare

Prescott and Haag are the two seniors projected in the top 20.  Kameron has finished 12th twice, as a junior and as a freshman.  Her sophomore year, they sent Clare all the way up to Benzie, where she ran a 19:42, her lifetime PR.  She’s a good bet to crack the top 10 this year.


  • Amelia Gouin, Shepherd

I tried hard to search for a candidate from another school, but Amelia’s track season was too good to not mention.  Much progress was made from her freshman campaign, most notably in the 800, where she was able to knock out a 2:20.




Yami is gone, but Caro keeps ticking.  Perhaps they have more athletes, I only have six in my records, but those six are good enough to run for any D3 school.  Shepherd is coming into yet another year where they’ll likely be a top-10 team.  Shepherd’s depth may make this a close competition, they’ll need contributions (as always, seemingly a broken record when talking about team contests) from their 5th-7th, especially if Caro is lacking in numbers.  I should also mention that this region is absolutely stacked.  Why is it that schools in the middle of the state with equal enrollment seem to produce better programs than those closer to metro Detroit?  Sandusky, Clare, Bad Axe, Sanford-Meridian.  Three of these schools will undeservingly spend their Novembers contemplating what happened at regionals and wishing for an easier draw.

Ranked Teams: Caro (7), Shepherd (9), Sanford-Meridian (14), Sandusky (19), Clare (20), Bad Axe (25)

Highest Rated

  • Logan Brown, Caro

Logan didn’t have the greatest regional race last year, finishing 16th in 17:11.  He redeemed himself the next weekend, finishing 15th at States.  That’s a rare accomplishment.  It wasn’t his only sub-17 rodeo either, as he had gone 16:42 at Bath and 16:58 at Thumb Area.

  • Trey Plichta, Sanford-Meridian

Trey is the highest returner from last year’s senior-dominated race.  He finished 3rd in a personal best of 16:31.

  • Kevin Wilson, Caro

Like Logan Brown, Kevin Wilson was able to make up for a regional performance with a solid State Meet.  His 17:10 at MIS was good for 43rd.

Career achievement/improvement

  • Nick McArdle, Cass City

Coming into regionals, Nick had somewhat of a middling season.  He had a great race at Wagener Park, finishing 16th in 17:02, but only made a little progress from 2017.  Nick then proceeded to break 17:00 here, coming through with a 12th place finish.  Love performances on the big stage.


  • Greison Mcleod, Hemlock

Greison had himself his best track season yet.  He registered two major PRs, 4:51 and 10:35.  When you register two PRs, it registers in my mind as someone who can register more PRs come cross.

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