Championship Season: Berrien County Meet

St. Joseph’s girls have worn the crown for many years now. Who claims it in 2019?


Yes, that’s five straight titles (if not more) here for St. Joseph’s girls. I believe it’s their time to step down, but as the cliche goes, never doubt the heart of a champion. They’ve faced some of their adversaries from this race already this year and have been bested, albeit slightly.

And here’s some examples of Berrien Springs and Stevensville Lakeshore vs. others:


Bridgman is your #1 team in all of Division 4.

Another way of breaking it down:

Bridgman makes their hay on the strength of their 3rd and 4th girls, Jane Kaspar and Summer Fast.


Erin Moore and Kaylee Thompson have faced off twice this year, each winning once. Moore has been the consistent one this year, with all her speed ratings between 135-140, Thompson has had more variance.


Similar to the girls side, this is very St. Joseph-centric. Must have felt good for Berrien Springs to make a dent into their Berrien County dynasty. The Shamrocks are the favorites to repeat here in 2019. They have the front-runner in Ashton Sheline along with some quality depth behind him in his brother and rising star, James Burke.

Watervliet is a very good team as well, #17 in the latest Division 3 rating. They get by on their depth as well, one of the better top 7 averages in Division 3. However, Berrien Springs should be capable of putting 5 runners in front of Watervliet’s 4th boy.


Watervliet hasn’t faced either Berrien Springs or Stevensville Lakeshore yet. And that’s where the real essence of these ratings lie, the comparisons when you don’t have a direct example. At both the St. Joseph and Shamrock Invites, Stevensville Lakeshore and Berrien Springs have faced off:


Consistency keeps Ashton Sheline ahead in these projections. Bettich and Shepherd have had higher individual races, but also some lower-rated performances. Regardless, these three will likely be in a heat. Walker Barz and Luke Blesy are still potential sub-17 kids, but in a tier below as of now.

This preview was a nice trial run. It’s likely more detailed than I’ll go for upcoming meets, unless there’s a real battle brewing. Check back next week to see who outperformed expectations!

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