A Mid-Season Look: Region 30

The Preview


1Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart27
2Carson City-Crystal47
3Beal City78
5White Cloud137
Individual PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
119Olivia ErvinMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart122.0
2212Desiree McConnellMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart121.2
339Kaylee LockeBeal City114.9
4410Rachal WeberBeal City105.3
5512Michele ReinkeMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart84.6
6612Allyson StevensCarson City-Crystal83.4
712Emily ChitwoodBig Rapids Crossroads Academy81.3
8710Riley HackerMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart80.5
912Jaylen SchroederBig Rapids Crossroads Academy80.5
10812Sarah McCrackinCarson City-Crystal76.1
11911Molly DaileyCarson City-Crystal73.1
1211Jamie DeKamMcBain Northern Michigan Christian72.2
131012Aoife O’GradyCarson City-Crystal62.9
1411Makayla HallMcBain Northern Michigan Christian57.9
151112Gabby GambleBeal City51.6
161210Abby SpencerMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart50.5
171311Alexus RichmondWhite Cloud49.0
181410Paige EwaltCarson City-Crystal47.5
19159Anna PlumMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart46.5
201612Philena JohnstonVestaburg44.0

Team Surprises: Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart, Carson City-Crystal, Vestaburg, White Cloud

Individual Surprises: Jamie DeKam, Aoife O’Grady, Makayla Hall, Gabby Gamble, Alexus Richmond, Anna Plum


1Carson City-Crystal50
3Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart66
4Beal City103
5White Cloud112
6McBain Northern Michigan Christian161
Individual PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1111Coleman ClarkCarson City-Crystal193.6
2212Reginald RichmondWhite Cloud187.0
3312Josh LynchMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart184.7
4410Brock LynchMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart180.9
5511Matthew NowakMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart179.9
6610Ashton KeifferCarson City-Crystal172.7
7711Eder LopezMontabella162.3
8810Jonas LanserMcBain Northern Michigan Christian154.3
911Jared MooreVestaburg153.8
10911Calvin ClarkCarson City-Crystal151.6
111011Derek GrossBeal City150.3
121110Jack WigginsColeman149.0
13129James WilsonMontabella147.3
141312Chad PellMontabella146.9
151411Jared SheplerCarson City-Crystal146.1
161510Riley DailyMontabella145.5
17169Owen GrossBeal City145.0
181712Chad VestergaardMontabella144.2
191810Jonas LanserMcBain Northern Michigan Christian144.0
20199Nathan CiolkWhite Cloud142.3

Team Surprises: Montabella, White Cloud

Individual Surprises: Jack Wiggins, James Wilson, Owen Gross, Chad Vestergaard, Nathan Ciolk

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