A Mid-Season Look: Region 7

The Preview


1Bloomfield Hills85
5White Lake Lakeland133
6Walled Lake Northern157
8Farmington Hills Mercy195
9Waterford Kettering203
10Walled Lake Western205
11Walled Lake Central216
12West Bloomfield379
13North Farmington391
14Waterford Mott398
Individual PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1112Maryam SheenaWalled Lake Western146.6
2212Mia PatriaClarkston145.4
3310Chloe WallWaterford Kettering144.8
411Andrea RuizHolly140.7
5411Mackenzie SullivanFarmington Hills Mercy131.0
6511Skylar GrubbHighland-Milford128.1
7612Mary JarvisFarmington127.8
8711Mattie DrennanClarkston127.6
9811Sarah SheenaWalled Lake Western127.0
10911Sophia PotterWaterford Kettering125.1
11109Lexie BrownHartland121.4
12119Leah MerriamHighland-Milford119.4
131210Kellen FifeBloomfield Hills117.8
141310Kate JenkinsBloomfield Hills117.1
151412Olivia KochevarWalled Lake Central114.7
161512Lauren GarbovitsWhite Lake Lakeland114.3
171611Aria NovelloWhite Lake Lakeland108.7
18179Katherine BergmanFarmington108.4
191810Melanie SheltWalled Lake Northern108.3
20199Kendall CusonBloomfield Hills107.5

Team Surprises: Highland-Milford

Individual Surprises: Mackenzie Sullivan, Mary Jarvis, Sophia Potter, Lexie Brown, Leah Merriam, Aria Novello, Katherine Bergman, Melanie Shelt, Kendall Cuson


4Walled Lake Central123
6Brother Rice199
8White Lake Lakeland208
9Walled Lake Northern216
10Walled Lake Western289
11Waterford Mott300
12Waterford Kettering345
13West Bloomfield357
14Bloomfield Hills364
15North Farmington389
Individual PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1112Brendan FavazzaClarkston214.3
2210Riley HoughHartland212.1
3312Justin HillWalled Lake Central203.6
4411Kazuma BowringHighland-Milford202.7
5510Peter BaraccoFarmington202.0
6612Nathan SestiClarkston200.2
7712Hunter FougnerWaterford Mott197.9
8812Akshay ReddyWalled Lake Central197.6
9910Andrew SestiClarkston194.9
101010Daniel SeestadtWest Bloomfield191.1
111111Connor JoyceHartland189.7
121212Christian CollisClarkston189.4
131312Tyler MannWhite Lake Lakeland188.2
141412Carsen KettleHighland-Milford187.6
151512Cade KaighenHartland186.8
161612Ryan KachnowskiWalled Lake Western186.7
171712Steven MajorsHartland182.4
18189Eddie KingFarmington181.8
191910Ryan O’RourkeHighland-Milford181.1
202012James JohnsonWalled Lake Northern179.8

Team Surprises: Hartland, Farmington

Individual Surprises: Daniel Seestadt, Connor Joyce, Cade Kaighen, Steven Majors, Eddie King, James Johnson

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