Indoor Improvements

 “Greatness is achieved when you commit to making even small improvements every day.”

These runners have made large improvements from cross country. But in those large improvements are 90+ days of small improvements. Listed below are athletes seeing their potential, motivated by a great fall, determined to rewrite a disappointing fall, or just metronomes on a continuous track to make the most of their ability.

I have a formula that converts 1600/3200 times into equivalent ratings. Those formulas are derived from the past few years, matching XC ratings vs. track times in the previous spring. For the 1600m, it is 465-1600m time (seconds). For the 3200m, it is 490-(3200m time x 2).

The ratings from indoor were then compared against 2019 XC ratings, and those with a 20 point improvement are listed. For example, Lani Bloom’s 1600m rating is 168.7 (465-296.3). Her final rating in XC was 138.1. That’s a major improvement from an already great girl. Her consistency the past few months is something we should all strive for and is the main reason she’s #7 nationally in the 3200m.

I’m certain the 46 other athletes have similar tales of grit and grind through these dreary winter months. They’re paying off now and they’ll pay off in the future.

GradeNameSchoolIndoor TimeEventXC SR (Meet, Location)
10Shelby FloryHudsonville6:09.71600m23:22 (OK Red, Riverside Park)
9Rekha KrispinAuburn Hills Avondale5:30.01600m20:45 (Muskrat Classic, Goodells Park)
9Hope PetrEast Grand Rapids6:47.31600m24:49 (Otsego Bulldog, Otsego)
10Anna AlexanderSwartz Creek5:41.41600m21:32 (Regionals, Delta College)
9Morgan AndersonRoscommon6:12.91600m21:41 (Pete Moss, Benzie Central)
11Kylee JohnsonWalled Lake Central7:05.91600m25:24 (Birch Run Early Bird, Birch Run)
10Joy SwansonPinckney7:07.61600m26:06 (Holly, Holly)
11Haylie KowalskiConcord7:53.71600m27:28 (Portage, Portage)
10Grace MitchellAlpena5:55.31600m21:41 (Regionals, Delta College)
10Brianna WiegandRomeo5:57.01600m21:54 (Post a PR, Huron Meadows)
11LaJeanee PorterDetroit Renaissance6:26.21600m23:09 (Wayne County, Willow)
10Kate HeidemaHudsonville5:50.21600m21:18 (Bath, Bath)
10Hannah FisherMarysville5:23.61600m19:59 (Regionals, Goodells Park)
10Lani BloomIthaca4:56.31600m18:38 (BlueJay, Shepherd)
12Jayla JonesOak Park5:38.51600m21:05 (Regionals, Willow)
12Danielle ArmstrongAnn Arbor Pioneer5:28.51600m20:13 (States, MIS)
9Ali JunewickGR West Catholic5:41.91600m21:03 (Cougar Falcon, Gainey Fields)
12Elizabeth BennettRockford5:53.31600m21:09 (Portage Early Bird, Portage)
12Anna ClevelandEdwardsburg6:16.51600m22:39 (Portage, Portage)
12Erika ParkinsonColdwater6:17.91600m21:33 (I-8, Turkeyville)
10Haley BendeleShepherd6:18.01600m21:19 (Regionals, Shepherd)
9Alyssa BirdHudsonville6:38.11600m23:50 (OK Red, Riverside Park)
11Josie MorrowIthaca5:50.91600m21:12 (Scottie Classic, Shepherd)
12Lauren MonaghanTroy5:41.91600m20:26 (Regionals, Chandler Park)
10Allison DonethMason5:54.21600m20:43 (John Bruder Classic, Shepherd)
9Payton KuhnSt. Louis5:52.41600m20:52 (Scottie Classic, Shepherd)
11Cecile MallonBenzie Central6:16.51600m21:44 (NWC Jamboree, Benzie Central)
10Emerson RondyIthaca6:36.81600m23:16 (Scottie Classic, Shepherd)
11Tess FookesHudsonville13:37.53200m22:34 (Kent Ottawa, Gainey Fields)
11Brynn EdisonEast Grand Rapids5:53.51600m21:13 (Portage, Portage)

GradeNameSchoolIndoor TimeEventXC SR (Meet, Location)
12Dustin FinkhouseBenzie Central4:42.21600m20:10 (Pete Moss, Benzie Central)
9Nitsan TalEast Grand Rapids6:55.31600m25:37 (Regionals, Allendale)
9Liam StaceyFarmington5:16.41600m20:52 (Bloomer 9th/10th, Bloomer Park)
11Kolbe MillsGR West Catholic4:45.31600m17:39 (Regionals, Allendale)
10Kevin PersonOak Park5:16.31600m20:09 (Oakland County, Kensington)
12Luke MunseyZeeland West4:36.31600m17:24 (Allendale Falcon, Allendale)
9Ethan PruzinskyAuburn Hills Avondale11:12.93200m19:13 (OAA Blue, Bloomer Park)
10Anthony VinsonUtica Eisenhower5:05.91600m18:59 (Regionals, Goodells Park)
11Alex PetersonOtsego5:11.101600m18:50 (Portage, Portage)
11Gavin KushmaulAnn Arbor Pioneer5:16.01600m18:49 (Post a PR, Huron Meadows)
12Ethan RiceRochester Hills Lutheran NW4:48.81600m17:09 (Regionals. Chandler Park)
12Sean GarlandRochester Adams4:48.91600m18:09 (OAA Red, Clintonwood Park)
11Toland CorumBirmingham Seaholm5:06.31600m17:55 (Regionals, Chandler Park)
11Titus BretzkeGreenville4:23.91600m16:44 (Don Baese, Carson City)
11Andrew FarrerFlint Powers Catholic4:38.91600m17:06 (Greater Flint, Cummings Center)
9Chase KlapthorAnn Arbor Pioneer5:20.61600m18:45 (Gabriel Richard, Hudson Mills)
10Mateo QuintanillaZeeland West4:51.91600m17:51 (Regionals, Portage)

1 thought on “Indoor Improvements”

  1. Dominic Comfort from L’Anse Creuse North from 17:32 in XC to 4:45 at Saginaw on 2/1! And Dominic Suliman from Warren Cousino 4:42! Many great athletes have improved over this winter ! Congrats to all!


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