2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#45)

The list.

45. Grace Pettit, Plainwell

White Lake Beacon

Grace keeps our team laughing all year round. She is constantly making faces, cracking jokes, or just finding a way to make everyone smile. She really helps keep everyone loose before meets. I think this should be a great year for Grace, she gets out of Makenna’s (Veen) shadow and gets to lead races and really see what she can accomplish. I’m thinking that Grace will have a great chance at competing for the state title this season with all the hard work she has been putting in throughout the quarantine.

Coach Brett Beier
  • Other than a Portage Regional (where she still finished top 3!), she delivered extremely reliable performances
  • By my metrics, a top 10 freshmen girl in the State
  • And the top freshman girl at the D2 State Meet
  • Showed some mid-distance ability this winter, going 5:11 in the 1600m in January

46. Adam Thomas, Anchor Bay

  • Look at that year to year improvement! (32 points = 1:36)
  • Despite a subpar State race, he’s shown he can bring it in pressure-filled races, the Goodells regional required a 16:16 to get out, he runs a 16:08 in arguably his best race of the season
  • A few examples of his development
    • 42nd to 11th at Regionals
    • 40th to 13th at Macomb County
    • 3:04, his drop from 1st race ever to his PR

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