50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#44)

The list.

44. Elijah DiCerbo, Fraser

Eli is a natural leader with an extreme ability to push himself to the absolute limit. In his first year of XC, as a junior, he was a quick study and showed incredible progression. I look forward to continuing to watch his growth as a student-athlete at Fraser & beyond.

  • That incredible progression and ability to learn on the fly was evident in Elijah’s first season, showing him to be a real diamond in the rough
  • Keep in mind he “only” ran 4:47 as a sophomore in track (2019), then turned into a runner capable of sub-16 feats
  • That improvement continued into indoor, where he finished 15th at the Indoor State 1600m in 4:31

44. Gabbie Michael, Frankenmuth

Gabbie is one of the hardest working athletes I’ve seen and pays close attention to what she puts in her body so that she can perform her best. She stays positive through every setback and always has a word of encouragement for the people around her.

  • In a season of ups and downs, she showed her true mettle in the final 1000m at MIS
  • That State Meet performance led to her first All-State finish
  • Great career as well, as Gabbie has been All-Region all three years and won the Bronze race at Spartan in 2018

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