50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#43)

The List.

43. Grace Zdankiewicz, Warren Regina

  • Other than a Catholic League victory, a very consistent season from Grace.
  • For a Regina team that looks to make serious waves in Macomb County and Division 2 this year, that reliability will be counted on
  • She’s finished All-County and All-Region twice in her young career
  • Narrowly missed out on All-State and a Macomb County victory, but she’s in great position to conquer either of those this year

43. Ethan Rockburn, Belding

Normally, I would write this section, but Coach John Carlson more than filled in the gap. These are his notes:

  • Great early success in track, ran 4:28 at regionals and took second place as a freshman, also ran 2:00 in the 800m, loves to battle at the end
  • Dropped 68 seconds at the 2018 XC regionals at Uncle John’s Cider Mill in 10th grade and sprinted to a regional title
  • Re-entered the track in 31st place at MIS in 2018 at finals and sprinted to a 20th place all-state finish
  • Ran 18:05 at Benzie Central as a freshman, and in 2019 he opened his junior campaign with a 16:14 at Benzie Central
  • Ran 16:01 twice in 2019, both times on the Shepherd course
  • Saw his XC season cut short by illness the week of regionals in 2019

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