2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#39)

The List.

39. Olivia Millen, Salem

Olivia is a great runner and friend. She loves the quick speed, and she sure is good at it. She always strives for more and has high goals that we all believe one day she could reach. She’s super funny and always down for an adventure. She is truly an amazing person.

  • Olivia is a girl I’d term a true racer, she’s fairly good early in the season, and pretty darn good late
  • 2019 and 2018 have taken a similar pattern, times in the 19’s early (ratings in the high 130’s), then gradually speeding up late
  • Twice All-Region and two victories at Gabriel Richard
  • In a Salem team that looks to finally put it all together, we know Olivia will be there in October/November

39. Connor Joyce, Hartland

Much love for Ryan Kachnowski, too
  • Connor is another example of that improvement track
  • From his freshman year to now, he’s steadily dropped more than 2:00 from his season averages
  • 2019 was especially special, spending much of the fall in the 16’s after not reaching that level at all in previous years
  • No real stand out race, but an All-Region finish after finishi… NOT EVEN RUNNING VARSITY the previous two years had to feel incredible
  • Connor battled some minor injuries during what would’ve been his indoor season, but has been putting in major strength work the past few months

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