2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#38)

The List

38. Nathan Lott, Webberville

  • Turned in one of the better freshmen seasons in 2018 and continued that with considerable drops in times
  • PR “only” fell from 16:41 to 16:21, but the races were much faster early and the accomplishments much more notable
  • Among those: wins at Saranac, Holly, Linden, and Regionals, 3rd at State, 2nd at Class D
  • Finishing 3rd last year, keeping on that same improvement track, should be in contention for the D4 crown

38. Briana Vojinov, Brownstown-Woodhaven

  • Part of a young Woodhaven team that looks to shake up the paradigm a bit this fall
  • Once again, consistent, but improving to some solid performances late
  • 18:44 at Wayne County was obviously her best finish, but most impressive might be back to back performances at Regional and State
  • The improvement really stands out, consider she didn’t break 20 at all as a freshman and in her first race of the year, a warm and fair course at the Meadows, sub-20

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