2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#37)

The List.

37. Julia Finley, Belding

Shamelessly stolen from the Belding FB page, but I love the picture and graphics!

Again, the well-detailed and always informative (Coach) John Carlson, offered this:

  • Went from 22:36 her first race to 18:39 PR at regionals at Uncle John’s Cider Mill
  • Took first place 5x in 2020
  • Set a PR by 36 seconds and broke 19 at Benzie Central
  • Broke 19:00 5x
  • PRed this season by 55 seconds
  • Improved from 79th to 23rd at finals and dropped 69 seconds (finished 3 seconds out of the top 15)
  • Loves to go to the front and race to win

37. Jamin Thompson, Caledonia

  • Seemingly every athlete featured lately has a level of stability and Jamin is no different, staying under 17:00 the entire season
  • That strength early resulted in some notable accomplishments, 3rd at Spartan and 1st at Otsego
  • Josh Oom and Thompson will likely be one of the better duos in Division 1, or at least, Caledonia will have one of the better 2nd runners in the division
  • Career-wise, Jamin has notched a few honors as well, twice top-5 in his region and twice top-3 in the OK Red

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