2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#36)

The List

36. Corey Bowers, Cedar Springs

  • The difficult thing with the ratings is that when you see someone like Corey’s, you see virtually no change from year to year, but I think it different
  • It is very hard to be good year after year and it would be easy to rest your laurels on running sub-16 as a sophomore
  • He dropped that time by 20 seconds, then followed it up with a higher finish in a tougher division
  • He was starting to put together a nice track season as well, with 2:01/4:21 marks indoors (consider he went 2:05/4:36 indoor and 1:59/4:27 outdoor)
  • Given that, we can believe he was due for a breakout track season and from there _____ (you fill in the blank)

36. Haileigh Bissett, North Branch

  • Haileigh began to turn things on last October, notching a huge upset win at Thumb Area, cementing her presence in Division 2
  • She had a solid freshman year, rating out in the mid-20’s
  • But the real improvement came in track, where she dropped a 5:23/11:36
  • Was 2nd in her league to standout Maddy Bean and will likely be the favorite this year

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