2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#31)

The List

31. Elsa Rusthoven, DeWitt

  • Elsa and a runner to be named later represent one of the better one-two punches on the girls side of the state
  • She’s made steady jumps throughout her career, didn’t break 20 as a freshman, didn’t break 19 as a sophomore, and into the 18’s last fall
  • Peaked at the right time last year, setting a PR at Regionals, then bettering that performance to an All-State berth
  • Actually beat that regional time on a rain-soaked MITCA race in Shepherd (18:31.8, 155.7 rating)

31. Adugna Moritz, Holt

  • Adugna is an example of someone who’s been at the top level of Michigan running for 3 years
  • He’s spent every year in the 15’s
  • He’s been All-State once, All-Region 3x, Top 10 at Greater Lansing 3x
  • And this past year, he was able to celebrate a major PR

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