2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#30)

The List

30. Drew Seabase, Traverse City Central

  • Drew has long been one of the better runners for his grade, his freshman year he was slightly hidden behind the Smith brothers of Alpena, now he’s vying for his 3rd straight All-State
  • When you’re that good that early, it’s tough to see that year to year progress, but Drew has had time drops in each of his last two years
  • Winner of the prestigious Northern Michigan Championship in 2019 and has finished top-10 there all three years
  • Three-time state qualifier
  • Traverse City Central is always a top program, this year no different, he and Venhuizen will be needed to get low points up front

30. Cookie Baugh, Ann Arbor Pioneer

  • A big factor in ranking high here is steadiness, no subpar races, and Cookie is a prime example
  • Her lone poor races were a hot day at Jackson, finishing 10th, and a 5th place finish at the SEC Championship
  • Her best races helped Pioneer win a Regional title and a State title
  • She had tremendous improvement in more than one area
    • Ratings, approximately a 0:45 drop on average
    • Durability, she competed all year in 2019, her previous season was cut short
    • Her personal best, going from 19:11 to 18:39
  • Along with a runner to be named later, contributes to another great duo that will be important to Pioneer’s bid for a repeat

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