2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#20)

The List

20. Andrew Sesti, Clarkston

Battling with Tristan Brandenburg
  • Andrew is another one in a long line of recent Clarkston greats
  • He started his season with a major PR at an OAA Jamboree (Troy) and finished it with three great performances (Regional, State, MITCA)
    • MITCA race was 16:20.9 (200.4 rating)
  • He showed up in major races such as Jackson (16th), Oakland County (11th), and Regionals (8th)
  • Will likely be the lead runner on a Clarkston squad that’s in a bit of rebuild, but we know from their past history that they’ll be there in November

20. Ellie Voetberg, Portage Central

  • Ellie is a girl who shows that continued dedication to the sport will pay dividends
  • She was a mid-19 girl for her first two years in HS, then finally made a major leap this past fall
  • One could see evidence of that leap occurring during the 2019 track season, where she was able to run 5:24 for 1600m
  • She began the season in a time close to her PR, then broke through at Otsego Bulldog
  • She did not let up after Otsego, running each subsequent race sub-19, which gave her third State Finals appearance and first All-State finish

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