2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#19)

The List

19. Avery McLean, Traverse City Central

Far right, MLive
  • In her three years, Avery has put together quite a career
  • Consider this: Twice Top-20 at Northern Michigan, twice Top-25 at Portage, 3x State Qualifier
  • And to cap it off, 2019 was her first All-State finish
    • Her last three races of the year may have been the best in her career – all PRs if compared to previous years
  • Considerable track ability, having run 2:17 a year ago
  • Traverse City Central has been extremely successful over that time period as well, finishing 2nd, 4th, and 6th
  • This year they’ll be right in that mix, McLean and another girl to be mentioned will be pivotal factors in securing a spot on that medal stand

19. Mason Sumner, Breckenridge

On his way to a State Title, MLive

Mason is as dedicated and determined as they come. No shocker to me of how he got to where he is at this point. He does all the small things at home (nutrition, stretching, sleep, etc.). He hasn’t been a captain his first 2 years but will be moving forward. He knows how to lead by example and wants whats best for his teammates just as much as he wants to succeed.

Coach Kurt Gulick
  • Mason was fortunate through his talent and teamwork to be one of the few to accomplish an individual and team State Title
  • As with Baracco, very accomplished in his first two years, the two of them being in the conversation for the most accolades thus far in the 2022 class
  • Suffered an injury last summer which may have contributed to a slower start
  • However, when October rolled around, he began to pull into form and put together four straight performances in that 16:00/200 rating range
  • With Breckenridge’s success and seeing how their runners have grown (see Colton Chovanec and Ashton Gillis), continue to expect big things from Mason

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