2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#18)

The List

18. Colin Mulder, Otsego

  • Their frontrunners may change (Finch, Comerford, Zartman), but Otsego remains a contender year after year
  • A testament to summer training is when an athlete begins the season with a PR, as Colin did in a dual in early September, 16:37 to 16:34
  • In the more competitive meets later in the year, he was reliably around the 16:00 range, dipping under it at Portage and Otsego Bulldog (and an equivalent performance at MIS)
  • His indoor 3200m dropped 30+ seconds from 2019 to 2020, where he was able to run 9:52.  One can easily extrapolate another drop from indoor to outdoor

18. Kaitlyn Hynes, DeWitt

  • Along with Elsa Rusthoven, leading a DeWitt squad that is looking to return to the State Finals
  • A major theme you’ll notice in these tickets is the value of improving season to season, this shows that an athlete is training well.  Kaitlyn is no exception, with almost a 2:00 drop from 2017 to 2019
  • Her junior year was remarkably consistent, the only races that could be called subpar would be Portage and Spartan, those two were both sub-19 efforts by their ratings
  • Her final four races were particularly impressive and show a progress that should continue into 2020.
  • 2x medalist at Greater Lansing, 2x All-Region, 2x All-State

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