2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#17)

The List

17. Katie Carothers, Brighton

  • Along with others, I refer to October as “championship season”, Katie is an example of someone who embraced that concept
  • Her early season featured a notable improvement from the previous year, racing nearly a minute faster at Averill and Spartan
  • But when October rolled around, something clicked and she took it to unforeseen levels
  • As you’ll see with Evan Ross, she showed her capabilities in her freshman track campaign, especially in the 3200m, running sub-11:30
  • A few months ago during indoor, she was able to set a new 1600m PR, 5:21, but I get the sense that she is better as the distance rises

17. Evan Ross, Brighton

  • Evan Ross is likely the reason Brighton captured a State Title last year
  • Following a good freshman year, he established himself as one of the better 4th runners in the state, then in championship season, secured that place with two clutch races
  • The seeds of that monstrous growth were sown during the 2019 winter/spring, resulting in a 4:32 1600m as a freshman
  • This year, he’ll be counted on as a leader, and Brighton brings in some outstanding freshman that should look at his progression thus far

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