2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#14)

The List

14. Caleb Jarema, Pinckney

  • One part of a competitive combo that will be at the forefront of Division 2 races this fall
  • Had one of the better freshman years in 2018, but vaulted ahead of many in his class in 2019
  • Ran three comparable races between the two seasons (Portage, Holly, and SEC), averaged 1:32 faster in those races
  • Narrowly missed an All-State berth, but had 4 sub-16 equivalent performances, including a massive PR at Portage

14. Lauren Kiley, Plymouth

  • Kicked off her HS career with a win at South Lyon and has been finishing first ever since
  • In her two years, she’s bested the field twice at Wayne County and Jefferson, was Regional Champ this year, among many others
  • Twice All-State
  • Remarkably consistent, only one “subpar” race last season, still sub-19 in that performance at Coaching Legends
  • Plymouth has some redemption that they’re looking to face at MIS this year and I’m sure Lauren will be leading the charge

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