2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#13)

The List

13. Lani Bloom, Ithaca

  • Following a season where she struggled with various ailments, Lani found her form this winter
  • Beginning in January, she notched impressive accomplishments in one race after another, culminating in an indoor State Title in the 1600m
  • During the winter, she was able to run 2:17/10:28, then this spring, 4:49.
  • It’s not as if she’s not accomplished in XC, last year she was either 1st or 2nd in any major race, and even got down to the 18’s
  • Very rarely have I injected my subjectivity into this, but I feel in this case it’s warranted, those times on the track, especially in longer distances, will bare out on the course

13. Jude Parks, Rockford

  • Jude has potential to be another great in the long line of Rockford legends
  • It has taken him awhile, but he’s shown steady progression throughout his three years in high school
  • His freshman year, he showed flashes of potential, breaking 17:00 twice at Allendale
  • Last year, he capitalized on that potential, breaking into the 15’s and winning a regional championship
  • A few other accomplishments as well: Top-15 at Portage, Top-5 at Bath, but narrowly missed out on that All-State, which I’m sure he’ll get this upcoming season

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