2020 Previews

50 Tickets to Brooklyn (#3)

The List

3. Arianne Olson, Holland West Ottawa

  • I’ve mentioned that middle school Portage list multiple times, well, Arianne is at the top of it
  • And based on her accomplishments this season, one can see the potential she’s working with
  • Arianne won almost every race, save two, Spartan and the State Meet
    • But Spartan was her highest-rated and we can hardly call losing to the national champion a defeat
  • Showed major progress in terms of time throughout the year, lowering her PR down to 17:26 on a true test at Portage
  • West Ottawa has been very transparent about their training this past spring, and it was incredible watching her 16:39 5k on the roads

3. Hobbs Kessler, Ann Arbor Skyline

  • Hobb’s obvious talent has started to come to fruition in the past training cycles
  • As with a few others previously mentioned, spent considerable amount of time in the 15’s in major races
  • Stepped up huge from his regional performance, only dropping one (!!!) place at State
  • Showed his mid-distance capabilities this winter, narrowly finishing 2nd in the MITS 1600m championship
  • Then closed an 8:53 3200m in 4:20 just a few weeks ago
  • We’ll see if that speed is realized on the course, but his past results give him a great baseline

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