Ann Arbor Pioneer vs. Brighton

Boys Adjustment: -15
Girls Adjustment: -15

Runner of the Meet

Quinn Cullen, Brighton. Normally, I’d feature a runner from the winning team, but Quinn’s performance is hard to ignore. After being above 17:15 all throughout his first two years, he’s dropped a minute in this, September of his junior year.


11Owen JohnsonAnn Arbor Pioneer200.9
11Quinn CullenBrighton198.9
11Henry MonteSanoAnn Arbor Pioneer195.0
12Max KlarmanAnn Arbor Pioneer188.6
11Jack CampbellBrighton184.9
11Fred WallaceAnn Arbor Pioneer184.8
12Andrew WilsonBrighton184.7
12Ben JakabcsinAnn Arbor Pioneer181.4
9Tyler LangleyBrighton180.6
10Roman CortinaAnn Arbor Pioneer180.0
11Lucas SengBrighton176.6
12Ethan LeeBrighton176.0
10Brady MatuszewskiBrighton175.0
12Kevin DanceyAnn Arbor Pioneer175.0
12Garrett KrachtAnn Arbor Pioneer171.2
9Luke CampbellBrighton169.8
9Eric OverdierAnn Arbor Pioneer169.4
11Levi StraszewskiAnn Arbor Pioneer168.8
12Donovan WhiteBrighton167.0
9Vincent Peterson S…Ann Arbor Pioneer166.8
11Matt RuudAnn Arbor Pioneer165.0
10Dylan WhiteBrighton164.2
12Andrew SimonBrighton164.0
11Ashton KrillBrighton162.1
11Risto CrouseBrighton161.5
10Chase KlapthorAnn Arbor Pioneer161.2
10Brayden MorrisBrighton158.3
12Clark MitchellAnn Arbor Pioneer157.2
11Jadon SterkenAnn Arbor Pioneer155.9
9Bode CooperBrighton155.8
12Peter BonassoAnn Arbor Pioneer155.7
11Evan RossBrighton154.1
11Peter FlorenceAnn Arbor Pioneer151.9
11Avery MortonBrighton150.6
10Henry LiPumaAnn Arbor Pioneer148.2
10Quinn JohnsonBrighton145.9
9Owen NesbitAnn Arbor Pioneer144.4
10Andrew GrierAnn Arbor Pioneer144.1
9Aaron SterkenAnn Arbor Pioneer144.0
9Patrick DonoghueAnn Arbor Pioneer143.5
11Wil PinkertonAnn Arbor Pioneer142.4
10Wade CunninghamAnn Arbor Pioneer138.8
11Josh FuhstBrighton137.9
9Nathan MoskalBrighton137.8
9Blake JonesBrighton135.3
9Joey StevensonAnn Arbor Pioneer135.2
10John McHughBrighton133.1
9Ewan LemensAnn Arbor Pioneer132.2
9Ian CoxBrighton128.4
9Ryan BellBrighton127.3
11Bryyce ReynoldsBrighton123.2
11Joseph HannaBrighton123.1
9Wyatt NaboznyBrighton113.5
10Thomas KerberAnn Arbor Pioneer110.9
9Liam BredewegAnn Arbor Pioneer110.5
11Anton FordBrighton109.9
9Gabe SanbornAnn Arbor Pioneer106.7
9Elijah GroveBrighton106.4
12Grant SmithBrighton103.0
11Joe WilliamsAnn Arbor Pioneer100.7
9Aldus YunAnn Arbor Pioneer99.6
9Luke MazaitisBrighton90.1
9Josh HamiltonBrighton88.7
11Elliott VarnumAnn Arbor Pioneer87.5
9Wyatt HockleyAnn Arbor Pioneer84.4
9Julian SnellingAnn Arbor Pioneer80.0
10Shosuke AraiBrighton78.1
11Eric CummingsAnn Arbor Pioneer75.3
11Jayson YorkBrighton61.8
9Jayden DallyBrighton59.3
9Evan MarseeAnn Arbor Pioneer56.2
9Michael GronewoldAnn Arbor Pioneer53.0
9Jacob CruzAnn Arbor Pioneer51.4
11Justin LimAnn Arbor Pioneer45.1
9Lukas RascheAnn Arbor Pioneer37.1
11Cole OsgoodBrighton36.3
9Viktor VasicekAnn Arbor Pioneer34.0
9Stewart JamsenAnn Arbor Pioneer33.0
9Ben BotkinAnn Arbor Pioneer28.3
9Adam PorterAnn Arbor Pioneer27.8
9Karl A. ReuszeBrighton26.0
9Kei MurikamiAnn Arbor Pioneer7.3


11Cookie BaughAnn Arbor Pioneer152.7
11Katie CarothersBrighton142.8
9Rachel ForsythAnn Arbor Pioneer131.0
9Carrigan EberlyBrighton126.6
11Charlotte BatraAnn Arbor Pioneer121.5
12Anna DudekAnn Arbor Pioneer120.2
10Emily CooperAnn Arbor Pioneer114.7
10Amanda SimonBrighton113.3
9Sylvia Sanok DufalloAnn Arbor Pioneer109.5
10Amelia KashianBrighton100.9
11Ellie StarkBrighton100.0
11Karly LynchBrighton97.0
11Hannah TsiangBrighton93.3
12Morgan CromptonBrighton86.9
12Lauren JamsenAnn Arbor Pioneer82.6
10Allison NuttAnn Arbor Pioneer81.7
9Gabrielle BolithoBrighton79.7
12Genna NovaraAnn Arbor Pioneer75.9
9Mia BerensAnn Arbor Pioneer73.5
9Eleanor VogelAnn Arbor Pioneer71.7
9Lydia BowmanAnn Arbor Pioneer70.9
9Emilee BalzerBrighton65.7
10Andrea RepyakBrighton65.7
11Mara KrupkaAnn Arbor Pioneer62.8
10Naomi KaczorAnn Arbor Pioneer59.8
11Laura SimonAnn Arbor Pioneer42.8
11Caleigh HurleyBrighton40.4
11Morgan WaggonerBrighton39.4
10Margriet PoppensAnn Arbor Pioneer37.5
9Megan KowalskiBrighton37.3
10Claire StankoAnn Arbor Pioneer36.4
11Paige HockleyAnn Arbor Pioneer36.2
10Heather WoodwardBrighton33.8
10Madeline HoodAnn Arbor Pioneer31.3
11Anneliese JonesAnn Arbor Pioneer29.2
9Charlotte KimeBrighton28.9
12Paige McCreadieAnn Arbor Pioneer26.4
11Melanie ValtadorosAnn Arbor Pioneer22.9
10Lucy MejiaBrighton18.4
9Natalie SyversenBrighton16.8
12Grace JackelAnn Arbor Pioneer14.6
9Erin SimmermonBrighton10.5
9Rachel RiefeBrighton9.1
10Veronica WeinbergAnn Arbor Pioneer4.5

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