Halfway Rankings: Division 2 Boys

  • These are for FUN.  They are not the end all, be all. 
  • We are sitting halfway through the season!  There are 79 days of competition and we’re 39 days in.  Credit to everyone here for persevering through a mentally straining year and our astounding compliance level has all but ensured we’ll finish the season. 
  • Currently there are about 6500 boys and 5500 girls with ratings this season.  I’d estimate that’s about 85-90% of the state.
    • There are some missing, but with more teams mixing with one another and County/Conference Meets soon, hopefully I can get to everyone! 
  • I’ve instituted the HOBBS KESSLER RULE.  Without it, he’d be out of the top 25 runners.  With it, he’s the top dog.  Since he’s smartly saving his energy for the best competition and racing to win otherwise, his overall rating suffers.
    • The rule is this: take the top 50% of ratings a runner has accumulated, then take the weighted average (the more recent, the higher weight). 
  • The team rankings are based on a hypothetical meet between all the teams in a division.
  • Top 5 Average is average ratings of a team’s top 5 runners, Top 5 Spread is the difference between their 1st and 5th, and so on.
  • These are for races up until September 26th.
  • Included Regions in here because my hunch tells me they’ll nix the District idea and with the lessened restrictions, resume our typical format.
  • Previous Rankings
  • Methodology
  • I didn’t forget about anyone.  I just haven’t gotten to it.
  • FUN.  But if you want light-hearted debate, please share your thoughts! 

Team Rankings

Individual Rankings

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