District Projections

District 27 Projections

Do you call it the Final Four or the National Semifinals? District all the way.


Eaton Rapids
Jackson Northwest
Lake Odessa Lakewood
Lansing Catholic


Team Projections

2Lansing Catholic59
5Eaton Rapids92
6Lake Odessa Lakewood133
7Jackson Northwest204

Individual Projections

112Noah GriffithOlivet192.1
212Nathan AlfordLake Odessa Lakewood184.7
311Landon BuskirkMason183.8
412Bryce DubayCharlotte183.7
510Koda BrandtCharlotte178.1
611Chase MillerMason176.1
711Josh FraryLansing Catholic176.0
810Austin RyboltEaton Rapids169.6
911Cameron HaraburdaLansing Catholic168.5
1011Eric RiceMason165.2
1110William BarnumMason165.2
1211Matthew JennessLansing Catholic164.3
1311David PruderLansing Catholic161.8
149Lucas HopkinsOlivet161.0
1511Chris CopelandEaton Rapids160.0
1612Donovan KrullEaton Rapids158.1
179Conner FountainOlivet156.7
1812Thomas GianiodisLansing Catholic155.8
1911Tommy HebertMason153.6
2011Ethan BuhsCharlotte153.6
2112Jack SaxtonLansing Catholic151.1
2211Anthony DeVitoOlivet149.5
2312Hayden PellMason147.6
2412Keith MorganEaton Rapids147.4
2512Beñat Inurrategui …Charlotte145.3
2612Alex MathewsMason143.8
2711Zac GibsonLake Odessa Lakewood140.0
2811Aiden PyleLake Odessa Lakewood137.0
2911Thomas ObrienEaton Rapids136.9
3010Johnny RamirezCharlotte134.3
3110Ryan AlfordLake Odessa Lakewood133.7
3211Andrew FraryLansing Catholic133.7
3311Sam BruinsmaCharlotte133.7
3410Charlie AndersonOlivet130.6
3512Joe RoodvoetsEaton Rapids129.8


Team Projections

2Lansing Catholic45
4Eaton Rapids116
5Lake Odessa Lakewood121
7Jackson Northwest194

Individual Projections

19Meghan FordMason163.2
210Hannah PriccoLansing Catholic136.8
312Abbey PetersOlivet136.7
411Allison DonethMason121.2
59Tessa RoeLansing Catholic120.3
612Danae FeldpauschOlivet120.0
79Amalia VillarrealLansing Catholic115.1
810Olivia JollyMason112.2
911Amelia KerschkeMason111.8
10SRKatie AckerLake Odessa Lakewood110.5
1112Alex ErbeMason107.5
129Olivea GessnerOlivet107.5
1310Emmie WestLansing Catholic104.8
1411Amanda MeningaMason104.2
1511Alyssa WilliamsCharlotte102.8
1610Katie DonethMason97.0
179Sydney ThompsonEaton Rapids91.1
1812Addison PuckLansing Catholic89.4
199Cairo SchinkelEaton Rapids81.1
2011Hailey ProkopLansing Catholic77.8
2112Haley BellCharlotte76.0
2212Annie DudleyLansing Catholic75.4
23SREmily ApseyLake Odessa Lakewood60.7
249Sophia BlancoCharlotte58.7
2511Hannah RouseEaton Rapids56.3
269Aubrey NorderEaton Rapids50.8
27SRAnja KelleyLake Odessa Lakewood45.4
289Leah KissOlivet44.3
2910Sofia KingsleyEaton Rapids35.8
3010Sadie BrearleyLake Odessa Lakewood35.8
3110Emma LancasterLake Odessa Lakewood33.2
329Starr DensmoreLake Odessa Lakewood32.5
339Hailey AlwardCharlotte31.9

2 thoughts on “District 27 Projections”

  1. You do know the reason why they are called pre-regionals? The MHSAA cannot afford to give out trophies and medals for a District level of play.

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