District 52 Projections

For this preview, you might be better suited to use Jacob Tanner’s predictions. I’m not sure of how he makes his projections, but he’s included the Detroit schools. I haven’t gotten around to rating the PSL meets as I don’t have a frame of reference for those races. His predictions may give you a better preview of what’s to come here.


Detroit Central
Detroit Collegiate Prep
Detroit Edison
Detroit Jalen Rose Leadership Academy
Detroit Pershing
Grosse Pointe Woods University Liggett
Madison Heights Bishop Foley
Redford Westfield Prep
Rochester Hills Lutheran Northwest
Royal Oak Shrine Catholic
Southfield Bradford Academy (Boys Only)
Warren Michigan Collegiate


Team Projections

1Madison Heights Bishop Foley35
2Royal Oak Shrine51
3Rochester Hills Lutheran NW62
4University Liggett85

Individual Projections

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1111Jonah CeroneRoyal Oak Shrine168.3
2212Mitchell MandziukMadison Heights Bishop Foley165.5
3310Max MaderMadison Heights Bishop Foley159.3
4411Mathew GunnRochester Hills Lutheran NW150.5
5512Dennis GravelineRoyal Oak Shrine148.6
6612Max DrummelsmithRochester Hills Lutheran NW147.7
7711Zander MunkMadison Heights Bishop Foley147.6
8811Jacob WhittonUniversity Liggett147.3
9911Evan ProvenzanoUniversity Liggett144.1
101011Joseph BontragerRoyal Oak Shrine137.4
111110Luke DeckerMadison Heights Bishop Foley134.7
121211Jay MaynardMadison Heights Bishop Foley132.7
131312Austin WestRochester Hills Lutheran NW131.0
141411Brendan McGlincheyMadison Heights Bishop Foley129.8
151512Mark SelaskyMadison Heights Bishop Foley125.5
161611Kevin WrightRoyal Oak Shrine124.5
171711Garrett FlynnUniversity Liggett114.8
181812Brendan PehlkeRochester Hills Lutheran NW114.8
191912Aidan LaidlawRoyal Oak Shrine109.2
202012Carter BuchananRoyal Oak Shrine102.9
212112Parker DaytonRochester Hills Lutheran NW101.1
222210David LuhringRochester Hills Lutheran NW101.0
232310Max VollmertRochester Hills Lutheran NW93.9
242410Drew ColtonRoyal Oak Shrine93.3
252511Taveon ColstonUniversity Liggett81.4
2610Luke WilderClawson70.3
2710Gabe StevensClawson39.1


Team Projections

1University Liggett30
2Rochester Hills Lutheran NW40
3Royal Oak Shrine71
4Madison Heights Bishop Foley75

Individual Projections

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
111Claire ThomsonClawson116.6
2110Penelope GriffioenUniversity Liggett102.1
311Abbey LodatoClawson92.5
429Abby RiceRochester Hills Lutheran NW86.2
539Kelsey BeckettUniversity Liggett83.0
6410Madeleine BargeRochester Hills Lutheran NW81.3
7511Kathryn PodolanMadison Heights Bishop Foley79.1
8612Sophia MaUniversity Liggett78.3
9711Claire PlaskeyRoyal Oak Shrine74.3
10811Grace Govier-LaParlUniversity Liggett70.7
11910MacKenzie LemkeRochester Hills Lutheran NW67.3
121011Clara LoseyRoyal Oak Shrine58.5
13119Kendall ZaliwskiRochester Hills Lutheran NW55.5
14129Brynn CollinsUniversity Liggett50.6
151311Lindsay GrohsRoyal Oak Shrine49.8
161412Olivia MacCavageRochester Hills Lutheran NW43.1
17159Carmellina BiaforaMadison Heights Bishop Foley41.1
181610Emily MandziukMadison Heights Bishop Foley34.6
19179Lily MyersRochester Hills Lutheran NW33.1
201812Arianna KerkmazMadison Heights Bishop Foley28.1
211912Katherine MutschlerRoyal Oak Shrine24.2
222010Emma BurrellRochester Hills Lutheran NW20.8
23219Julia SerraMadison Heights Bishop Foley17.4

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