District 56 Projections

I’ve only found results for 4 full boys teams and 2 full girls teams. In regions like these, it might be better served to just go straight to regionals. You’re under the 70 athlete limit and adding another 2 races just adds more exposure. As it stands, the entire region has 10 full boys teams and 8 full girls teams.


Boyne Falls
Central Lake
Petoskey St Michael Academy


11Samuel PagaPetoskey St. Michael…185.2
12Hammond LawPetoskey St. Michael…171.9
10Macartan MoorePetoskey St. Michael…166.7
12Jacob WalzPetoskey St. Michael…143.3
11Ricky McMurrayBellaire142.3
12Tyler GellisBoyne Falls139.3
12William GagnonPetoskey St. Michael…137.8
9Patrick PurollEllsworth127.0
12Graham OliverEllsworth126.0
8Isaac PagaPetoskey St. Michael…123.6
9Landon DrogtEllsworth118.7
12Evan CaryEllsworth116.7
11Mick RobinsonBellaire111.9
12Roy CoolBoyne Falls100.4
11Rj WhistlerCentral Lake82.8
9Laith GriffithPellston82.6
12Wesley GiemBoyne Falls74.7
10Owen CaryEllsworth71.7
12Blake CareyEllsworth68.7
Jack TerryberryEllsworth61.0
9Andrew LicataPetoskey St. Michael…57.6
Ashton SpangBoyne Falls40.6
11Jacob DossPellston33.0
9Luca MenestrinaBellaire32.9
10Liam BoydBellaire30.1
12Blake BrunmeierBoyne Falls26.5


10Maia RomeynEllsworth111.3
12Christy FigueroaEllsworth97.7
12Judith VeldboomEllsworth65.0
9Avery StrangeEllsworth64.0
12Jennifer YungBellaire63.4
12Katie CaryEllsworth31.0
12Brooke EssenbergEllsworth25.7
10Journey HutchinsCentral Lake21.4
11Emma DeYoungEllsworth17.0

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