District Projections

District 13 Projections


Bloomfield Hills
North Farmington
Walled Lake Central
Walled Lake Northern
Waterford Kettering
Waterford Mott
West Bloomfield
White Lake Lakeland


2White Lake Lakeland58
3Walled Lake Northern65
4Walled Lake Central84
5Bloomfield Hills152
6North Farmington179
7Waterford Mott187

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1112Kazuma BowringHighland-Milford191.4
2211William ThomasWalled Lake Northern191.1
3310Nicholas NegruWalled Lake Central186.0
4411Alex SullivanWhite Lake Lakeland184.3
5512Reese CampWhite Lake Lakeland183.3
6612Jack LobodzinskiHighland-Milford182.2
7711Ethan ParkerWalled Lake Northern181.3
8811Ryan O’RourkeHighland-Milford180.9
9911Easton WilliamsHighland-Milford178.8
101012Shane SiterletHighland-Milford175.0
1112Caleb BartleWaterford Kettering174.9
121111Tyler RistauHighland-Milford173.7
131212Connor CallardWalled Lake Central171.1
141312Emmet ReamerWhite Lake Lakeland170.1
151412Charles JakubowskiWalled Lake Northern170.0
161512Jakar DhillonBloomfield Hills169.8
171612Josh RadiganWaterford Mott169.5
181711Hunter CybullaWhite Lake Lakeland166.5
19189Lucas KarbelWalled Lake Northern166.4
201910Jared PlattWhite Lake Lakeland165.9
212011Ty NagyWhite Lake Lakeland165.6
222112Jaden PhungWalled Lake Central163.4
232211Isaac TiernanWhite Lake Lakeland163.3
242311Matt LatzkeWalled Lake Central163.0
25249Ty ParkerWalled Lake Northern162.1
262511Antonio RomanoWalled Lake Central161.1
272612Bradley CortevilleWalled Lake Northern160.1
282712Nolan PreisHighland-Milford158.3
292811Connor ClarkWalled Lake Northern153.9
302912Shay MartinBloomfield Hills153.8
313012Kyler SmeadWalled Lake Central148.9
323111Yash MehtaNorth Farmington147.7
333210Alex EngleWalled Lake Central145.7
343312Joe PohlNorth Farmington142.4
353412Andrew KalesBloomfield Hills142.4
363512Barry SabinBloomfield Hills142.0
373610Zachary TrouveNorth Farmington141.5
383710Dominck BalhornWaterford Mott138.9


1Walled Lake Northern34
3White Lake Lakeland86
4Waterford Kettering94
5Bloomfield Hills95
6Walled Lake Central163
7Waterford Mott178

111Chloe WallWaterford Kettering147.9
29Mia CzarnowskiWalled Lake Northern136.2
311Kate JenkinsBloomfield Hills130.5
412Sophia PotterWaterford Kettering124.4
59Lauren FoxWalled Lake Northern114.8
69Madelyn GordonWalled Lake Northern113.8
710Mia McDonaldWhite Lake Lakeland111.7
812Skylar GrubbHighland-Milford110.2
912Elaina SchwendenmannHighland-Milford109.8
109Ava KurczewskiWalled Lake Northern108.9
1110Taylor RegesterWalled Lake Northern108.1
1210Ava PorterWalled Lake Northern108.0
1310Jacie RemtemaHighland-Milford107.7
1412Aria NovelloWhite Lake Lakeland103.4
1512Samantha YaminBloomfield Hills101.0
1610Grace HarkenriderHighland-Milford100.8
1711Melanie SheltWalled Lake Northern97.4
1810Emily WadeWalled Lake Central96.7
1911Molly LibbyWhite Lake Lakeland95.4
2010Kendall CusonBloomfield Hills94.2
2112Annabelle MowersWhite Lake Lakeland89.6
2212Brianna HippleHighland-Milford88.7
2312Makenah DolsonWaterford Kettering86.8
2412Makayla FuerstWaterford Mott86.3
2510Ava WalshWhite Lake Lakeland84.3
269Jordan FraifoglWaterford Mott83.5
2712Emelia JohnstonBloomfield Hills83.2
2812Allison FisherWalled Lake Central79.9
2910Abigail SchwendenmanHighland-Milford75.3
3012Grace PhillipsBloomfield Hills73.4
319Emelia PearceBloomfield Hills72.9


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