District Projections

District 26 Projections


Grand Rapids Christian
Grand Rapids South Christian
Grand Rapids West Michigan Aviation Academy
Kentwood Grand River Prep
Middleville Thornapple Kellogg
Wyoming Godwin Heights
Wyoming Kelloggsville


1Grand Rapids Christian34
2GR South Christian45
3GR West Mich Aviation101
4Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg113
5Wayland Union120
6Wyoming Kelloggsville133
7Grand River Preparatory208

111Tinsae NelsonGrand Rapids Christian193.0
211Ben ZwartGrand Rapids Christian187.3
312Christian MartinezWyoming Kelloggsville183.8
412Jack PetersonGrand Rapids Christian182.9
512Maxim ReuchleinGR West Mich Aviation180.6
612Sam WestraGR South Christian172.0
710Travis KoonWayland Union170.7
810Caleb BoesGR South Christian167.8
912Ethan LuurtsmaGR South Christian167.6
1012Ethan LuurtsemaGR South Christian167.0
1111Ramon MorenoWyoming Kelloggsville166.2
1212Hendrik NykampGR South Christian165.5
1311Jack NelsonGrand Rapids Christian164.8
1410Reuben WieringGrand Rapids Christian164.7
159Isaac DyerWayland Union164.6
169Dylan ClarkGrand Rapids Christian164.4
1711Jasper CasamentoGrand Rapids Christian163.8
189Lucas Van MeterMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg161.6
1911Lucas VanDamGR South Christian160.5
2011Camden ReynoldsMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg156.7
219Andrew DudkaGR West Mich Aviation156.3
2211Hunter NormanGR West Mich Aviation156.2
2312Brennan LutzMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg154.4
2411Matthew SmithMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg153.1
2512Brandon DeVriesGR South Christian151.8
2610Jack DeVriesGR West Mich Aviation150.3
2711Charles DannGR West Mich Aviation149.7
2812Howie FrizzellMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg147.5
2910Devin WeaverWayland Union147.1
309Ethan BonnemaMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg145.2
3111Nicholas JamesGR West Mich Aviation138.9
3212Stephen WeaverGR West Mich Aviation138.1
3312Anthony KinneMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg137.2
349Henry OudbierWayland Union131.5
359Casey JansenWayland Union130.5
3610Joesph GuerraWyoming Kelloggsville115.0
3711Andrew LeMahieuGrand River Preparatory113.2
3810Jared JandernoaWayland Union104.3


1Grand Rapids Christian20
2Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg71
3GR South Christian81
4Wayland Union102
5GR West Mich Aviation114
6Grand River Preparatory178
7Wyoming Kelloggsville204

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1111Madelyn FrensGrand Rapids Christian157.1
229Natalie VanOtterenGrand Rapids Christian136.9
3312Olivia WaalkesGrand Rapids Christian132.3
4411Jessica DurkeeMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg125.4
559Adia SikkemaGrand Rapids Christian124.3
669Ava MakowskiWayland Union119.2
779Emma DeVriesGR West Mich Aviation117.2
8810Olivia BarabasWayland Union115.8
9910Lily TeitsmaGrand Rapids Christian114.6
101010Emelia MacDonaldMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg114.1
11119Naomi NelsonGrand Rapids Christian112.1
121210Lucy VanDemarkMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg104.6
131310Emily LangerakGR South Christian103.4
141410Katelyn LaRueGrand Rapids Christian101.6
151512Moriah LanningGR South Christian100.4
16169Mallory HuttengaGR South Christian98.8
171710Kayla BarnaGR West Mich Aviation98.2
181811Abby WinkleGR South Christian98.0
191910Halle OvermireGR South Christian97.0
20209Ellia AgarGR South Christian91.8
212110Sarah LanningGR South Christian91.3
222210Madison NagelMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg89.5
232311Kendall SnyderMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg88.4
242411Jadyn ComerGrand River Preparatory87.0
252510Lindsey VeltingMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg84.2
262611Hannah SmithWayland Union80.4
27279Holly VeltingMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg78.0
28289Elliot AntelWayland Union74.7
292910Isabel SaffellGR West Mich Aviation72.1
303010Addison TurkGR West Mich Aviation71.8
313112Melinda WeaverGR West Mich Aviation71.6
323210Meigan LanningGR West Mich Aviation64.6
333312Esmerelda MartinezWyoming Kelloggsville54.7
343410Emma ThayerWayland Union37.6
35359Rebecca EvenhouseGrand River Preparatory32.9
36369Eliana BeltmanGrand River Preparatory32.7

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