District Projections

District 61 Projections

Credit to Coach Bauer (Saugatuck) for being a driving force behind getting these Division 4 Pre-Regions set. He contacted me with asking about potential hosts and I’m seeing many of my suggestions here, but he was the ringleader that began the whole process. And they’re even hosting! Awesome.


Holland Calvary
New Buffalo
St Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic
Three Oaks River Valley


3St. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic68
5Three Oaks River Valley120
6New Buffalo138

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1111Max SharnasSaugatuck196.1
2211Nik PettingaSaugatuck195.0
3311Adam MartinsonSaugatuck180.9
4411Tristan AshleySaugatuck171.9
5512Carsen YoungMartin169.7
6611Nile DeversGobles165.2
7712Michael GoldenSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic158.3
889Emerson BarnesNew Buffalo153.2
9911Alexander AustinGobles152.2
10109Matthew LageSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic152.0
1110Gabe WirebaughHolland Calvary Christian150.6
121111Kurtis BronzSaugatuck139.7
131210Joshua SeifertThree Oaks River Valley139.5
141312Mickey KohlertGobles137.7
15149Owen McLoughlinSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic134.5
161510Luke GorgasSaugatuck130.5
171611Chris RuizGobles127.8
18179Bradley MillsSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic120.6
1911Abram WhiteHolland Calvary Christian120.3
201810Charlie StormerSaugatuck119.8
211912Kyle PallettMartin118.2
22209Lucas WielensSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic115.1
232112James TarkkannenGobles110.5
242211Eli DykstraMartin107.3
252312Nathaniel GreenSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic105.1
26249Austin YorkThree Oaks River Valley101.7
272510Keagan PapkeNew Buffalo99.0
28269Ronan MarshSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic98.5
298Zach VonkHolland Calvary Christian96.9
302711Evan GatzThree Oaks River Valley96.9
312811Jaren ChristThree Oaks River Valley95.0
322912Gavyn RogersThree Oaks River Valley93.1


2St. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic68
3Three Oaks River Valley69

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
119Maya VeldtSaugatuck109.0
22Hannah SmitSaugatuck99.7
339Allison GlendeningSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic94.6
4412Jillian JohnsonSaugatuck92.3
511Eliza McGinnNew Buffalo72.6
6510Rylee RogersThree Oaks River Valley68.2
7611Becky PondSaugatuck67.6
810Cheri DykstraHolland Calvary Christian66.7
9711Sydney StickelSaugatuck63.8
1012Abby VitaleNew Buffalo62.6
1189Elliana YoungMartin58.5
12912Hattie LathamSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic58.2
131011Samantha SixberrySaugatuck52.2
141112Bailey WinsemiusSaugatuck50.5
15129Kursten SmithThree Oaks River Valley50.3
16139Isabelle SchraubenSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic33.9
171411Mercedes MorinMartin32.3
181510Claudia RebollarThree Oaks River Valley19.9
191611Zoie TuinstraMartin16.5
201712Taylor VolstorfThree Oaks River Valley16.1
219Abby WirebaughHolland Calvary Christian5.4
22189Abigal SchraubenSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic3.5
2310Sam SmithNew Buffalo2.8

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