Regional Previews

Region 7-1 Projections


2Rochester Adams74
3Lake Orion100
4White Lake Lakeland111
6Walled Lake Northern138
8Walled Lake Central145

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1111Andrew SestiClarkston197.6
212Joe ShayaBrother Rice191.2
3211William ThomasWalled Lake Northern191.2
4312Kazuma BowringHighland-Milford191.0
5412Zach PattersonOxford190.0
612Jack SeelBirmingham Seaholm187.3
7512Nicholas LaurentLake Orion186.9
8610Nicholas NegruWalled Lake Central186.1
9711Alex SullivanWhite Lake Lakeland184.5
10812Reese CampWhite Lake Lakeland183.1
11912Mathav VigneshRochester Adams182.7
121012Jack LobodzinskiHighland-Milford182.2
131111Ethan ParkerWalled Lake Northern181.2
141211Ryan O’RourkeHighland-Milford180.9
1512Gehrig LongeBirmingham Seaholm180.1
161311Joey TavernaClarkston179.8
1711Parker YoungBrother Rice178.9
181411Zach MazzuchiRochester Adams178.8
191511Easton WilliamsHighland-Milford178.6
201612Kaleb PriceRochester Adams178.4
2110Scott HassettBirmingham Seaholm178.3
2212Joe KawkaBrother Rice177.3
2312Caleb BartleWaterford Kettering177.1
241712Gage KillewaldRochester Adams176.7
251812Alec SteimelRochester Adams175.9
261910Xavier ClarkOxford175.9
272011Will HouvenerLake Orion175.6
282112Owen KoleanClarkston175.1
292212Shane SiterletHighland-Milford175.0
302311Adam HafeliLake Orion174.9


2Walled Lake Northern80
3Rochester Adams92
4Birmingham Seaholm98
7Waterford Kettering158
8Bloomfield Hills160

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1112Audrey DaDamioBirmingham Seaholm169.0
2211Haley DeighanBirmingham Seaholm143.4
3311Chloe WallWaterford Kettering142.9
412Sophie NovakLake Orion138.8
549Mia CzarnowskiWalled Lake Northern136.1
659Alexandra BrighamClarkston135.1
7611Kate JenkinsBloomfield Hills130.6
8712Maya BergmanClarkston129.1
9810Amanda SoldanRochester Adams129.1
1099Ava TereauClarkston128.2
111011Lexi DeighanBirmingham Seaholm123.3
121112Mattie DrennanClarkston122.2
131212Sophia PotterWaterford Kettering120.7
141312Kelsey FrancisRochester Adams117.9
151410Grace HarkenriderHighland-Milford115.3
16159Lauren FoxWalled Lake Northern115.2
17169Madelyn GordonWalled Lake Northern114.1
181712Tanvi JoshiRochester Adams114.0
191812Skylar GrubbHighland-Milford113.3
20199Ava KurczewskiWalled Lake Northern113.0
212012Elaina SchwendenmannHighland-Milford111.7
2210Mia McDonaldWhite Lake Lakeland111.6
23219Kennedy MarechesClarkston110.9
249Megyn FoxLake Orion110.6
252210Jacie RemtemaHighland-Milford110.3
262312Shannon BilletteClarkston108.9
272412Liv UrbanoRochester Adams108.9
289Ally WoldWest Bloomfield108.8
292510Cate CotterClarkston108.5
302610Ava PorterWalled Lake Northern108.1

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