Regional Previews

Regional 11-2 Projections


1East Grand Rapids53
2Spring Lake73
3Forest Hills Eastern83
5Holland Christian103
7Comstock Park189

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1112Ben ClasonForest Hills Eastern200.7
2212Hayden RhodeaAllendale199.6
3311Ian HillSpring Lake198.1
4412Ethan RockburnBelding196.3
5512Enzo MetzEast Grand Rapids193.1
6611Parker LambersHolland Christian192.7
7712Callen CarrierSpring Lake192.0
8812Carter VandermeerComstock Park191.4
911Gavin VanSolkemaHudsonville Unity Christian189.2
10910Aiden SullivanForest Hills Eastern186.9
11109Ryan BrinkerEast Grand Rapids184.5
121110Elijah RobinsonEast Grand Rapids181.3
13129Alex TholeEast Grand Rapids180.9
141312Cris PerezAllendale180.5
1512Henry BockGR Catholic Central179.2
161411Carter PhillipsSpring Lake176.9
17159Davis ChristyEast Grand Rapids176.8
181612Andrew DeBlecourtHolland Christian176.4
191711Cameron MooreAllendale176.2
201812Kyle McKeeForest Hills Eastern174.5
21199Maxwell McCartyBelding174.0
222010Ryan McMahonEast Grand Rapids171.8
2312Benjamin BridgeGR Catholic Central171.0
242110Sam StrabbingHolland Christian169.6
252211Caspar DickeEast Grand Rapids169.3
262312Nathan TerbeekAllendale168.5
2711Erickson KunzlerGR Catholic Central168.0
282412Asher LiuSpring Lake167.3
292511Sam DavidsonSpring Lake164.9
302612Adam MacLeodSpring Lake163.6


1East Grand Rapids15
2Forest Hills Eastern73
4Spring Lake110
6GR West Catholic143

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
119Drew MullerEast Grand Rapids155.4
2211Ainsley WorkmanEast Grand Rapids146.3
3312Hannah BodineEast Grand Rapids140.0
4410Abigail PetrEast Grand Rapids137.8
5510Camryn BodineEast Grand Rapids134.1
6610Sarah DixonForest Hills Eastern133.4
7710Jamie LipeckyCoopersville132.7
89Emily TomesGR Catholic Central131.7
9810Lily ParkerSpring Lake129.4
10911Julia FinleyBelding128.2
11109Nora BouffordSpring Lake126.9
121110Ellory ClasonForest Hills Eastern126.3
13129Sophia LadoEast Grand Rapids124.3
14139Alyssa ButterfieldAllendale122.8
151411Katie EdisonEast Grand Rapids121.7
161511Maggie DubaGR West Catholic120.3
171610Ava BuhlmanAllendale110.7
181712Ella BowenForest Hills Eastern108.9
1911Emma KernHolland Christian104.7
20189Carley LamborneBelding104.2
211911Madison WirtForest Hills Eastern104.0
222012Breck McCloskeyForest Hills Eastern103.1
232112Lauren ButterfieldAllendale101.5
242211Riley DeLoreAllendale100.6
25239Ashlyn SmithForest Hills Eastern99.4
26249Bea ReeserSpring Lake99.0
27259Lily LeSargeGR West Catholic95.4
282612Alivia LamborneBelding94.2
292712Amanda BondForest Hills Eastern93.2
3011Sarah SchloffHolland Christian92.8

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