Regional Previews

Regional 26-3 Projections


1Madison Heights Bishop Foley44
2Royal Oak Shrine72
5Rochester Hills Lutheran NW123
7Brown City153

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1112Tyler CarlsonMemphis184.2
2211Jonah CeroneRoyal Oak Shrine167.2
3312Mitchell MandziukMadison Heights Bishop Foley165.6
4410Max MaderMadison Heights Bishop Foley159.3
5512Ben RodriguezCapac153.5
6610Wynn BlakeBrown City153.3
7712Dennis GravelineRoyal Oak Shrine150.6
8811Zander MunkMadison Heights Bishop Foley149.9
9911Mathew GunnRochester Hills Lutheran NW148.2
101011Evan GreenRichmond147.9
111112Max DrummelsmithRochester Hills Lutheran NW146.4
121211Joseph BontragerRoyal Oak Shrine140.0
131311Jacob WhittonUniversity Liggett138.9
14149Sante ValdezMadison Heights Bishop Foley134.6
1512Ryan LodatoClawson133.0
161511Jay MaynardMadison Heights Bishop Foley132.8
171612Emmett KettelRichmond132.6
181712Jake ThomasMemphis132.0
191810John SchoenCapac131.5
201911Evan ProvenzanoUniversity Liggett131.3
212011Kevin WrightRoyal Oak Shrine131.2
222111Connor GermainRichmond130.6
232210Reed SchusterMemphis130.6
242312Mark SelaskyMadison Heights Bishop Foley130.1
252411Brendan McGlincheyMadison Heights Bishop Foley129.8
262512Austin WestRochester Hills Lutheran NW129.1
272612Loreto FrangedakisCapac129.0
282712Ryan SchusterMemphis128.3
29289Dylan WernerMemphis126.3
30299Wyatt PetersRichmond121.8


1University Liggett40
2Rochester Hills Lutheran NW60
4Royal Oak Shrine96
5Madison Heights Bishop Foley99

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
111Claire ThomsonClawson110.8
2110Penelope GriffioenUniversity Liggett94.4
3212Jasmine AlfaroRichmond94.0
411Abbey LodatoClawson91.2
5311Catie DusenberryAlgonac89.3
649Abby RiceRochester Hills Lutheran NW83.4
7511Kathryn PodolanMadison Heights Bishop Foley83.2
8610Madeleine BargeRochester Hills Lutheran NW81.3
9711Claire PlaskeyRoyal Oak Shrine79.5
10812Sophia MaUniversity Liggett79.0
11912Ariana HermanUniversity Liggett78.3
12109Kelsey BeckettUniversity Liggett73.8
131111Abby BaczewskiRichmond73.5
141211Grace Govier-LaParlUniversity Liggett70.7
15139Brianna AlbersRichmond68.3
161410MacKenzie LemkeRochester Hills Lutheran NW64.8
1710Courtney CarlsonMemphis61.6
181511Clara LoseyRoyal Oak Shrine58.5
19169Kendall ZaliwskiRochester Hills Lutheran NW55.9
20179Carmellina BiaforaMadison Heights Bishop Foley55.0
211811Lindsay GrohsRoyal Oak Shrine50.8
221910Victoria KellerRichmond45.5
232012Olivia MacavageRochester Hills Lutheran NW44.0
242112Katia RauguthAlgonac41.4
252210Emily MandziukMadison Heights Bishop Foley36.7
262312Riley RangelRichmond36.4
27249Brynn CollinsUniversity Liggett34.9
28259Lily MyersRochester Hills Lutheran NW33.5
292612Katherine MutschlerRoyal Oak Shrine31.8
302712Arianna KerkmazMadison Heights Bishop Foley31.6

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