2021 Way Too Early Rankings: Division 1

I’m still here. The photoshops are going well, learning very gradually, but I wanted to take a break from those to look forward to next year. Here’s how I want to go about the previews and pre-season rankings this time around:

  • December
    • Just the returners, using the 2020 season
  • Before Track
    • Projected improvement + 8th graders added in
  • After Track
    • Track added in
  • Summer
    • Regional Previews, 50 Tickets, etc.

This batch uses 2020’s ratings and takes the outgoing seniors out of the equation. There are some teams (Clarkston girls and Davison boys, for example) that I believe were underrated throughout the season by my methods. As a consequence, they’ll probably be a bit undervalued here. But hopefully this gives a better picture than your athletic.net hypothetical.


(girls run first in 2021)



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