50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #42

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  • Immediately noticeable when researching Nick has been his improvement throughout his career
  • He started as a runner who worked his way into the 19’s as a freshman, into the 18’s as a sophomore, and then had a massive leap as a junior
  • He didn’t settle as a junior either, his best effort of the year (BY FAR) was his State Meet, where he helped Otsego secure a 3rd place finish
  • He continued that trajectory into track, showing his strength with a 9:40 3200m

Ah, our first incoming freshman.  When evaluating middle schoolers, I use the same process as I do for high schoolers.  Graphs, referencing runners, as close to the same formulas as possible.  From there, there is a history from past years of what an 8th grader’s ratings correspond to as a 9th grader.  What I’ve found is that girls tend to run the same pace for 2 miles as they do the next year for 5k (boys are about 5-10 seconds faster per mile even with the greater distance).  I had Devin’s MS rating as 155.9 (12:12 average).  With that in mind, she should be near that 19:00 barrier.  Her MS rating is comparable to a few girls who were freshmen last year: Drew Muller, Katie Watkins, and Mary Richmond. 


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