50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #41

50 Tickets

Top Tens

Regional Previews

  • Critical 2nd girl on a Grand Rapids Christian squad that looks to place high in D2
  • It took her one race to get her feet wet, but she ran 19:35 at Pete Moss and didn’t look back from there
  • By the end of the season, she had broken 19:00 twice and narrowly missed an All-State spot
  • Her 11:27 3200m was ranked 10th for all freshman girls in the state

  • Easton’s 2019 winter had to be tremendous
  • As a freshman cross country runner, he began in the 22’s and made his way down just under 20:00
  • As a freshman track runner, he ran 4:45/10:49
  • That progression has continued to take place, all the way into the 16’s in cross and below 4:30 in track
  • He’s really made his mark at the various versions of the Oakland County meet, placing 5th at the Freshman Oakland County 1600m and then 7th at the 1600m this season

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